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How to Buy an Alumacraft Boat and Not Sink Your Finances

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Are you eyeing a boat that you need to buy this summer? Well, you don’t need to be rich to own an Alumacraft boat. However, you do need to chart a sensible course for your resources- by buying a boat that you can afford to buy and maintain. 

The array of possible vessels is mind-boggling. But how do you know the right vessel to buy? Well, check your activities first before contacting an Alumacraft dealer. From here, consider other preferences like passengers, transportability, and propulsion. Before you kick-start the shopping exercise, ask yourself these questions.

  • How Do You Intend to Use the Boat?

This should be the first question you ask yourself. Knowing the intended usage will inform the right size and model to purchase. 


Maybe you want to go water skiing, tubing or fishing. Another top reason may include sailing and cruising. Check the cheapest boat, that doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality to purchase. 

    2. Check Whether You Have Time to Use the Boat 

One thing that prospective boat buyers fail to consider is whether they have time to enjoy the boat or not. 

If you can only get into the water only once in months, then exclusive ownership may not be cost-effective. Reason being, you’ll pay more in depreciation and maintenance cost. So, if you don’t have time to spend on a boat, consider renting one instead. 

Only purchase if you have some free time and you’re convinced of making good use for your boat. 

   3. Consider the Size of the Boat that You Want to Buy 

Do you want a large or medium-size boat? All this is dependent on the number of passengers you intend to carry.

For instance, do you need a kitchen, sleeping quarters, or a room to dine with friends? Then a bigger boat will be ideal for this case. However, if you want to sit alone in your fishing expedition, then go for a smaller boat. 

It is worth noting that a bigger boat is expensive to buy, operate and maintain. Don’t forget to equip your boat with necessary equipment like life jackets, fire extinguishers, dinghies, water skis among others. 

   4. Determine Whether to Buy a New or Used Boat 

When making a purchase, you have to decide between a new and a pre-owned boat. If you opt for a pre-owned boat, you’re likely to pay cheaper due to the depreciation on its value. Anyway, you can still outfit your boat based on your purpose or interests after purchase.

But before buying a used boat, have a licensed expert to check it out. The expert should help you determine its condition and value. 

   5. Assess the Financing Options 

Do you have the money to purchase the boat you want? How do you want to make the payments? 

Rather than making a one-time cash payment, you can take advantage of historic lows and use that money elsewhere. With boat financing, you can spread the payment between 10 and 15 years. 

If you want to use this financing option, keep in mind that different marine lenders have varying requirements. These lenders will ask to know the value, age, and condition of the boat. At times, they’ll require you to pay a 20 percent deposit and finance the rest. 

Before choosing the boat to buy and taking a loan to finance the purchase, assess your financial position. Determine whether you can sustain this loan in the long-term. 

   6. Consider the Insurance Policy to Buy 

Whether you choose to use cash or credit when buying a boat, it’ll need an insurance cover. 

Look for an insurance underwriter that specializes in marine boat insurance. Shop around to identify the best insurer who offers better services at an affordable price. You may also opt for an insurance agent to help you compare rates and policies to get a better deal.  


Buying a boat is a huge investment decision. To many, this is a dream come true. The exercise can present a life-changing moment for you. It is therefore important to consider several factors before making the purge. Try and gather adequate information on the boat before making the purchase. It will help you know the right type of boat to buy and how to avoid challenges along the way. 


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