Looking To Win Your Girl Back After A Fight? Follow This Step by Step Guide

Where there’s love, there will be arguments. And arguments often lead to fights between even the most loving couples. So, you don’t have to worry if you too have had a huge squabble with your girlfriend in the recent past, as there is always light at the end of the tunnel. What we mean is that no matter how bad you think the quarrel was, you can still mend ways with your beloved by making little effort at your end.

So be it through a sweet gesture of forgiveness or a surprise gift, everything will be well-received by your woman. After all, a girl’s heart is warm enough to find the reasons to melt on its own.

Just so your job gets a tad bit easy, we’ve compiled a guide including things you should do after a fight to make your partner smile again. Read it all here. All the best!

Press The Pause Button

While we know this could be hard to do, taking a breather after a fight remains an imperative move. No wonder experts suggest taking an impromptu leave between an argument, and it will turn out to be a less heated one. This is because, during a fight, both of the partners have this ardent desire to emerge victorious. It could prove to be fatal for the relationship as you go on to utter all things bad about your significant other only to prove your point. Give your girlfriend some time and allow yourself to gain a little perspective about what happened by going all aloof. Some call it the no-contact period; trust us, it will help your relationship like no other.

Apologize or Talk It Over

Now that things seem to have cooled down, you may plan to reach out to your partner to discuss in detail the cause of the fight. It could be over the phone or a coffee date. Whether it was a silly opinion of you or a narcissistic remark by her, the agenda of this discussion is to have an open conversation as to what led to the argument in the first place. If you think it was you who was at fault, don’t hesitate to say sorry, and if the case was otherwise, she would do the same. Once both of you realize your mistakes, the boat is ready to sail further!

Shower Her With Quirky Gifts 

Women are known for their kind hearts. So don’t worry about your second chances with her as she most likely has already given it to you. All you need to do is impress her again with your wit and sense of humor, and she’ll be ready to commit to you all over again. Just so she smiles the widest, keep the choice of gifts warm and cheerful. It could be a classic red-rose bouquet, or a feminine dress, or even a custom bobbleheads to remind her of the happy past you’ve shared together. The bobblehead could resemble her favorite toon character or you, yourself. Trust us; she’ll laugh her heart out seeing you nod to everything she has to say!


Love is a beautiful feeling. However, for the feeling to sustain, it needs constant nurturing from both the partners. While even the best of couples do argue and end up hurting each other. It’s only human to realize one’s mistake and look out to mend ways with each other after some time. If you, too, are sailing in the same boat, follow the steps mentioned above to win your girlfriend back and start your happily ever after – once more! Good luck!


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