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Pro Traveling Tips for Beginner Explorers

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On-the-road experiences make you a savvy traveler. However, before you know how to travel smart, you make a lot of mistakes. You become a pro at traveling only after you have missed buses, behaved foolishly, displayed cultural ignorance, and made many other errors.

It takes years of traveling before you start making your way through airports smoothly and blend with local life like a fish in the water. We share with you some handy tips that’ll help you avoid mistakes traveling rookies make time and again.

Take care of your clothing

The way you dress might seem insignificant. As long as you are comfortable, it does not matter. However, you can be a culturally sensitive traveler, meaning that you try to respect the customs of the country you visit. While many destinations do not expect tourists to know everything, doing some research beforehand won’t hurt. For instance, find out what is considered acceptable to wear in public. In other cases, you might research information on specific restaurants to find out whether they have a certain dress code. You might miss your reservation if you do not dress appropriately. 

Your planned budget might not be enough

Despite the most meticulous budgeting, your trip is most likely to make you end up spending more than what you had planned. You’ll have to pour money unexpectedly into replacing items you’ve lost, sending things home, or opting to go on expensive tours that were irresistible. 

You might be tempted to pick up more souvenirs than you had planned to, or you may find that the cheap options on offer simply aren’t good enough. Therefore, you might have to shell out significantly more than what you had expected to for which you should keep yourself prepared. It’ll help you enjoy your vacation without fretting over having spent too much.

Look into alternate modes of conveyance

There are multiple modes of traveling like planes, buses, trains, or taxis that can take you to every corner of the world. But if you are concerned about the environment, or you’re afraid of flying, or you’re looking to save some money, do consider other alternatives.

If you are looking to get a feel of the place you are visiting instead of just dropping by the places of interest, we suggest that you opt for a motorbike, a horse, or simply walk for an immersing experience. Hiking or biking through the place you are visiting makes for an epic journey helping you bond with your surroundings. Besides, you’ll also be doing Mother Nature a favor. 

Interact with the locals

Hotels are traditional places travelers choose to stay. However, tools like Airbnb have made it easy to engage with the locals by staying at the apartments they rent.

If you can somehow deal with the language barrier, you’ll be surprised by the hidden gems of a place you can know about after interacting with the locals. It’s a wonderful way to enhance your traveling experience and make it more immersive.

The inputs you receive from the locals can take you to non-touristy areas where you explore and get to know more about the local way of life, their ethos, and pathos. It’s best to pick up at least the basics of the local language of the place you are visiting so you can bond with it more.

Getting discounts and safety

The chances are that your trip won’t be spontaneous. Instead, you will try to plan and book everything months or years in advance. One of the best ways to save money is by finding coupons or sales.

Typically, locals get to pay less for certain services, like renting cars or other transportation. To get the best price, it is wise to use an online VPN. It allows you to change your IP address, meaning that different online services will not pinpoint your true location. Instead, you can be a shopper from the country you plan to visit. Then, certain prices might drop, depending on the service provider you visit. 


Years of traveling go into making a savvy traveler. It’s countless experiences of bungling that finally make you a pro. It’s best to try and blend with your environment. You should also try to bond with the locals for a more immersing experience. There are wonderful places out there waiting to be explored. We bet following our tips will surely make traveling less of a struggle for you.


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