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Should You Clean Up When Staying at a Hotel

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Are you planning a holiday or a business trip? Will you stay at a hotel or another type of accommodation? If so, you should familiarize with etiquette on staying somewhere longer than a night.

Some people leave their rented room neat and clean while others leave it dirty and messy. Inevitably, someone always shows up to clean after you, but does that mean you can leave everything a mess?

Arguably, you should do as much as you can. It’s not a rule, but it’s seen as a friendly and polite thing to do. Max Kenyon from Clean That Floor says it’s a matter of your manners and politeness, so you might want to consider how you leave the accommodation.

Take a moment to read about why he thinks so and what it means to leave everything in order. You might also find a few useful tips on how to clean up when staying at a hotel.

Should you clean?

If you ask around, people will usually give you different explanations on why they do or don’t clean. It’s because there are no rules, but they go by their opinions and preference. While some like to leave a place neat, others don’t have much care for that.

Generally speaking, you should behave as you would if you were a guest in someone’s home. This means not leaving broken glass and trash behind you. It’s basic courtesy to try and make it easier on the person who has to clean after you.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should scrub the floors or even make your bed. If there’s housecleaning service, they’ll probably strip the bed as soon as you leave to change the sheets. Nonetheless, some people consider it good manners to make the bed you slept in.

Cleaning at a hotel or other accommodation includes washing the dirty dishes, taking out the trash, and overall cleaning up after yourself.

1. Make your bed

This has to be what people mostly argue about. Some think making the bed is pointless since cleaning service will strip it to change the sheets. Other people think it’s polite to make it or at least strip it yourself.

Making the bed or stripping the sheets before you leave might also have a practical advantage. Frequently, people tend to forget their stuff in bed. Things like books, clothes, hair clips, and other such items are often found once you turn the sheets to fold them.

It’s not something you’re required to do. Still, you’d probably fold the blanket and put the pillows back in place if you were staying in someone’s house.

While nobody can judge you for not making the bed before leaving a hotel room, people coming in to clean after you will probably think of you as a polite and neat person.

2. Wash the dishes

You probably have a kitchen if you rented an apartment for a few days or weeks. If you used the plates, it would be nice to wash them before leaving the place.

Again, if you don’t do it, the housecleaning service will do it for you since they have to make the place ready for the next guest. However, if you wish to make it a bit easier to that someone, you should wash your coffee mug before storming out.

Much like when it comes to your bed, washing dishes is basic courtesy and politeness. It takes you no more than a minute or two, and it can make a massive difference to the person cleaning after you.

Still, what if you don’t have time? You had some people over, and you’re about to leave a set of dirty dishes? If you don’t have the time to clean five plates, cups, and glasses, make sure to leave a tip. It’s not obligatory by any means, but it’s nice.

3. Take the trash out

This isn’t something people usually do. You should do it if you can, but if not, you can at least throw it all in the bin.

Don’t leave food packaging and whatnot all over the room. Make sure to pick up all the trash and throw it in the bin, so it’s easier for the housecleaning service to throw it away.

This makes a huge difference because housekeepers are usually paid very little, so you’ll be doing them a favor. It takes you a minute, and it means them a lot more. It’s easier for the keeper to run the vacuum when there’s no trash on the floor.

People have split opinions with this one. Some think they don’t have to do it since there’s a housekeeper, while others believe it’s their obligation since it’s also their mess.

Bottom Line

As we mentioned, you’re not obligated to clean when staying at a hotel. However, it’s good manners and often considered polite to do so regardless of how long you stayed.

Housekeepers are often underpaid, and they already have plenty of rooms to clean. So, why not make it a little easier for them? It’s your mess anyway.

You don’t have to clean the floors and windows, but small acts of kindness matter. It would take you less than ten minutes to make the bed, pick up the trash, and put all the dirty towels in one place.

Still, if you can’t do any of that, you should consider leaving a tip. The person who cleans after you will appreciate it even if you didn’t have the time to wash the dishes.

Polite people often feel sorry for leaving a mess behind, so they always leave tips and “Sorry for the mess” notes. You might not think it matters, but it does to those who come to clean after you.

Imagine how the housekeeper might feel when he/she enters a messy room or one where the guests took ten minutes to clean up after themselves.



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