Staying Home – How to Overcome Boredom
A lot of time at home and everything is upside down? With a few suggestions, no one gets bored so quickly.
Sports, visits to restaurants, parties, theater or excursions with the children to the playground or the zoo – in times of the spreading corona virus, almost all activities have been canceled. Responsible behavior includes spending as much as possible in your own four walls – whether in quarantine or as a precaution. But how can the time at home be used as sensibly as possible?


Time for education and training

Staying at home also means not going to school or university and often just working from your home office or to find past time activities like playing the PA lottery from home. When you go for learning at home, there can sometimes be a pronounced thirst for knowledge that wants to be satisfied. In order to avoid physical contacts, it is advisable to borrow eBooks, ePapers or eLearning content from home: numerous libraries have joined together for the online lending service.

More opportunities for digital training:

“Duolingo”: The app offers free language courses for children. The content is conveyed in a playful way – making learning from home even more fun.

“Babbel”: Another possibility to learn a foreign language is the online service “Babbel”. Courses are offered here in 14 languages ​​for a fee.

If you want to strain the gray cells in a particularly entertaining way, you can try quiz apps such as “Quiz Duel”, “Game of the Wise Men” or “QuizUp”. In some cases, you can also digitally network with friends and guess together.

Time with children

“Kevin, go outside, play soccer with the other kids … um, wait.” Children in particular should stay at home because of the corona virus. According to virologists, the virus can spread quickly through the little ones. The children themselves usually don’t mind much. But how should one keep the little bullies busy? With a little creativity, children can also be busy within their own four walls:

Indoor bowling: 10 empty plastic bottles and a tennis ball, you already have a bowling alley directly in the living room – or where there is the least porcelain.

Playing volleyball with a balloon. A rope can be tensioned as a net.

The ground is lava: a kind of obstacle course where the ground must not be touched. Many children will know it from the internet.

Write letters – either to dear friends or to grandma and grandpa who are not allowed to visit at the moment.

Paint with water colors – for example on a large old sheet

A family movie night with homemade popcorn

Play card games and learn new card games (or card tricks).

Calls with friends and family every day – also by video call.

Time for entertainment

Anyone who wants to be really well entertained at home can organize one series of marathons at a time with streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co.

Time to sit back and relax

If there is so much time at home, then really relax! Just take time for things that are otherwise neglected in everyday life and make the best of quarantine or the curfew that you have imposed:

Sleep well and long: Restful sleep is so important to us. So use the time to catch up, which is often neglected in stressful everyday life.

Take your time: Often things have to be done quickly and under stress in everyday life. A little deceleration is good!

Take a bath: When do you have the time and the peace and quiet to take a long, relaxing bath? Now!

Reading: Immerse yourself completely in another world and get involved in an exciting story. There are many exciting real criminal cases from Lippe to read here .

Writing, drawing and more: time at home is time for creativity. Writing, drawing, painting or something similar can lead to unusual relaxation.

Stay healthy!

Stay healthy and have a quiet time in your own four walls. We can all do something to reduce the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible.



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