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Van Life: 7 Tips for Efficiently Living Off the Grid

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Most of us have never even considered or even thought of living in a van. Some people may be living in a van for financial reasons while some are waiting for the next adventure in life. Many people have chosen to live a Van Life rather than spending their money on bills and rent.

If you are interested in living a Van Life and choosing to live off the grid there are several things you need to know. The adventurous, outdoorsy Van Life is fun and exciting but can be quite difficult if you aren’t prepared for it.

Surviving off the grid means you are living a life that is self-sufficient and not relying on other resources. By disconnecting your water, sewage, and electricity connection you are also decreasing the stress on the environment. If you are interested in joining the van life, you are probably wondering how to live off the grid in a van. There are several tips and tricks out there that can help you live a fun and efficient off-the-grid van life.

Living outdoors in a van without basic amenities may seem scary and uncomforting especially if you have relied on them your entire life. But living in a van is much easier than you think as it allows you to explore the world every day. All you need to do is have the right mindset while living off the grid with the right tools and tips to enhance your Vanlife lifestyle.

By focusing on these tips and hacks on living off the grid can help you have a fun and exciting Vanlife:

  • Choose a camping van 

Even though van life means living in a van, some people put up tents every night. While living in a tent can be fun, during your travel life, you will encounter different weather conditions such as cold, heat, rain, and so on which can make you miserable. This is where a camping van comes in handy as it keeps you warm and safe. It also reduces the struggle of setting up and taking down your tent every morning. If you already own a van, you can consider converting it into a camper van where you can store all your things easily and make the most of the van life. Here are a few tips that will help you when converting your van into a camper.

  • Pick parking spots 

A great advantage of living a van life is that you have a choice to park your van at different locations every night. Whether you want to wake up to the sound of the oceans and the smell of the sea or camp in the mountains or by the hill areas, the options are endless. Remember to find parking spots that are safe, be cautious of your surroundings and area. Parking outside businesses that are open 24 hours can be noisy and troublesome. You can also consider blackout curtains so that people will not notice you in the van.

  • Solar and Electricity 

Before you can even think of it, Yes, you can charge your phones and laptops easily while living off the grid. Installing a solar energy system in your van can provide enough electricity throughout the day and night. They are affordable, easy to install, and very simple to use. It can light up your tiny home and even help you save money compared to the electricity bill in a condo or a house. This also saves you a step from stopping at camping sites to recharge your batteries for the road. Modern solar systems are quite advanced and offer a number of features and benefits, check out some of the best off grid solar kits that won’t break the bank!

  • Water Supply

Another important amenity that is needed while living off the grid. Living in a house you have access to water easily but living on the road, means you have to rely on streams, rivers, and lakes for your water supply. If you are planning to get off-grid for the rest of your life, you must consider a water infiltration system that purifies it into clean drinking water. You can fill up your water tanks from lakes, rivers, and natural water bodies. Keep in mind, the bigger the tank, the longer you remain off the grid.

  • Healthy Hygiene 

Living in a van does not mean you don’t maintain healthy hygiene. Showering is important and if your van camper is not equipped with a shower and doesn’t want to rely on gyms and campsites. You can take advantage of natural resources such as lakes, rivers, and different streams of water bodies. Most of the beaches in America have showers on or near the beach which you can make the most of. Sometimes you just need a proper shower to be refreshed and feel clean. In this case, you can carry a rinse kit that is a portable outdoor shower. It is a great accessory and necessity if you are planning to live off-grid. They are cheap and reasonable and allow you to enjoy your shower.

  • Cooking and eating 

When living in a van, you are restricted with space and therefore you cannot store a large variety of products. That’s why you must consider devices that are portable so that you easily set them up outside the van. Cooking outside is the best option as it allows you to cook more freely and keep your van clean. You can purchase ingredients from the nearest supermarkets once a week or whenever you desire a snack. Remember, cooking food requires water so make sure they follow the above-mentioned step by keeping your water tank full at all times.

  • Using the toilet 

Lastly, using a toilet can be difficult when you are traveling off the grid. Disposing of waste can be challenging but not impossible. Relying on public toilets and nature can be adventurous and unconventional especially when you are trying to stay off the grid. A composting toilet can be your best bet that is comfortable and great for the environment.The composting toilet turns your waste into soil and back to nature which fertilizes the ground without any chemicals.

Final Thoughts 

Living a Vanlife off the grid is exhilarating and rewarding as it allows you to explore nature n and visit different places. With lesser restrictions on life such as house bills, you can enjoy the world and live life to the fullest.


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