Meet Friday – The Worlds Smallest Smart Lock

Have you ever struggled with keys while your hands are full of groceries? Wished you could help your partner get inside without having to abandon the job you’re already doing? Wondered if you remembered to lock your door after rushing out?

Friday Smart Lock is the modern tech every home or small office needs to answer to all of these relatable daily frustrations. 

Introducing the Friday Smart Lock. With a diameter smaller than the average cup of coffee, the Friday Smart Lock securely connects to your phone, wirelessly turning your device into virtual keys. The hardware’s sleek shell comes in seven different (and changeable!) colour options to suit your home’s personal style. The details of these products’ Scandinavian design focus on security and functionality. As you know, Scandinavian has become synonymous with style and modernity.

The resulting case is as ergonomic as it is safe. The device can be installed using tools found in any home. With the smallest dimensions of any retrofit lock on the market, unwanted attention is not attracted to your front door. It is simultaneously a talking point for friends and family who can be let in without waiting for you to run to the door. 

The apps user-friendly interface shows which of your doors are locked (or unlocked) and allows you to easily share access with friends and family. Access can be revoked for one-time-use, so there is no longer any reason to leave the spare keys under the mat. The app notifies you of every action your lock performs, so you always know who is at your home.

The dog walker, electrician, or the kids, all the times are logged for your easy reference and peace of mind. On the app, everything is at a glance and sharing access with family and friends is fast and easy. The history log keeps you in control, and notifications help you stay in the know. The Friday Home App can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play. 

One of the best features of this product is the lock recognizes your phone as you approach and unlocks the door automatically. You can also use your phones built-in apps such as Siri to open or close your Friday lock remotely anywhere in the world. If you use Apple HomeKit, the Friday Lock becomes part of your broader home system connections and integrates seamlessly to all of your smart accessories. 

A very reasonable $200 this product is the next purchase you need to tech-out your home. The reviews are in, and the design of this product has sweeping style points. If you want tech to impress while giving you peace of mind, it is time to invest. 

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