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Practical Living Room Design Ideas For Men

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Living room ideas for men and contemporary architecture can be stylish, modern, and practical. A masculine decor theme relies on using the right materials and choosing a modern design that brings together practicality and comfort. Less is more with decor, so be careful not to overdo it. Keep in mind that overly masculine designs can start to feel stark and clinical, so include some warmer touches with plenty of texture and lighting. 

Decorate In A Minimalist Palette

If you live minimalist style, this doesn’t have to be stark. A lot of modern men like to find a balance between streamlined minimalism and comfort for the living rooms. Texture is important in interior design. Minimalist spaces should combine some elements of texture to create interest and warmth, such as by adding throws, cushions, or wood elements.

Go For A Monochromatic Scheme

Black and white living rooms always look chic. A monochrome scheme is a minimalist option that takes some bravery to choose, as it take a strong design eye and careful editing to pull off.

Painting parts of your living room black is a great way to make some spaces that are still very sharp and modern, but sill cosy. A monochrome decor scheme can look flat if you don’t bring in plenty of texture. If you can put it together carefully, you can enhance a minimal living room look.

Try A Mid-Century Modern Style

The mid-century style works brilliantly for masculine design, thanks to its clean, straight lines and flowing organic curves.

Mid-century style was originally driven by advances in technology but was also inspired by the natural world. Wood is the most common material for furniture. When you choose pieces to invest in, look for durable hardwoods, like teak, cherry, maple, and beech.

Create Calm With Symmetry

Symmetry is a great design touch for a masculine space. Use symmetry to create balance and a feeling of tranquillity. This is especially effective in small rooms.

The best way to use symmetry in your decorating is using an architectural feature to start your off, such as a fire surround, a pair of identical windows with shuttercraft shutters, or even your sofa. You can create symmetry in a room that isn’t symmetrical by using patterns, such as an area rug, or with an accent wall. 

Try A Brown Colour Scheme

The seventies are predicted to be a big interior trend in 2022, with a palette of warm tan browns, taupes, and caramel tones that go well with retro lighting and leather seats.

Mixing some darker tones with lighter finishes will let you balance the feelings of depth, while still being able to make the most of any natural light that comes into the room.

Decorate Around Your TV

For most men, the living room TV is an essential part of your room to help you to unwind and relax.

If you want your living room to be designed as practical as possible, then you can embrace the style of a fully kitted out cinema room, with smart storage, functional seating, and a trendy block colour decor scheme. You can also find a range of your favorite collectibles at Toynk to further enhance the look of your space and make your TV the center stage of your room rather than an unsightly presence.

Choose An Understate Neutral Scheme

The best neutral ideas for your living room will make use of lots of shades of pale coffee, oyster, and grey. This colour palette is a great choice if you prefer a more subtle look in your space, rather than a bold design.

Grey is very popular for living rooms at the moment. This colour is classic, elegant, and refined, and works well for someone who wants an easy-to-live-with colour scheme. Grey also goes with just about any other colour you want to mix in.

Provide The Perfect Canvas To Display Art

If you collect art, then a neutral colour scheme in the living room provides a perfect backdrop for a striking gallery wall.

Knowing what overall feel you are trying to create in your home will help to cultivate a collection of art. The relationship between the art you choose and its surroundings will also play an important part in designing the atmosphere you want.

Most colours in the art will go with a cream or white backdrop, as these are both neutrals. They will both act as a blank canvas for you to display your favourite pieces on.

Go Bold With A Dark Colour Palette

If you want your living room to make a statement, or you want to create an element of drama, a black living room is a confident touch that is more effective than any other colour.

Choosing black for your decor scheme is a brave option, and you will need to make very careful choices in your design. You can draw inspiration from Scandinavian design elements, and introduce textural touches, like leather, linen, and hardwood to make this decor style liveable.

Create A Green Room

Green is one of the best colour choices for modern living. We’re all more focused on our happiness, health, and prosperity than ever before, so it makes sense that many people are choosing to surround themselves with colours that symbolise renewal and growth. Green is a very versatile colour option for your living room scheme.

Green living rooms also work really well if you want to create a natural, grounded feel in a home that is more industrial or tech-heavy. Green creates a connection to the natural world. The two colours aren’t often seen together in nature, which means that green and blue colour schemes in a living room don’t require your eyes to do much adjusting, which creates a feeling of harmony and balance.

To style a living room that feels masculine, invest in practical, not too fussy furniture. Choose functional, fluid items and abstract prints that are based on natural shapes that have been reinterpreted for today’s modern lifestyle.



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