Three Personalities of Patio Sets

Are you looking forward to warmer weather? Let’s reminisce the inklings of spring: the call of birds, the flicker of bugs, but most importantly, that first hint of freshly fired charcoal wafting through the spring breeze.

If your most anticipated pastime is spending time on your deck, it might be time for a new patio set. No matter your style, a new deck is what you deserve. You’ve worked hard, it’s time to treat yourself. 2020 taught us that your home needs to be your own, personal vacation stay every day; what better way to indulge in your own castle.

Loosen and Decompress 

Are you the type who seeks luxury in rich and distinguished places?

Need to warm up your terrace pad? Just because you’re home, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy divine spaces. If this sounds like you, it might be worth the consideration to add a majestically smooth outdoor fire pit to polish off your outdoor pad. Sound Intriguing? Imaging kicking back after a grueling day of business negotiations, meetings and other corporate nonsense. Pour your favorite drink, and wind-down in your very own personal quarantine zone.

Got a special lady? It’s easy to impress your intimate encounter with an arrangement of contemporary, yet sophisticated design. It would be great to check on some clearance patio furniture in your neighborhood or nearby shops. Consider updating your outdoor scene so you can more fully indulge in an atmosphere of relaxation and conversation.

Everyday Chill

Do you prefer to use your patio or deck as a place to socialize over your favorite team? Maybe you’ve recently upgraded your outdoor entertainment space to host game nights with the guys. Chances are, your patio set is worth updating too! With just a little creativity, your new favorite sports bar can be attained from the ease of your own home! 

Even if life looks is a bit more casual these days, you’ve worked hard for your dream. The possibilities and versatility of an outdoor living space are endless. Entertain your family or invite the guys for game night. For the sake of your health alone, it’s time to celebrate every day life. 

If you yearn for your own space, but don’t quite have an extra room to devote to a full “cave,” then a newly retrofitted patio might be right up your alley. Add a little fun to your life and become the envy of your bros by adding an outdoor game table, or two! We suggest an outdoor pool table; if you’re really feeling nostalgic, consider an outdoor shuffleboard table!

Bonus: with the right ingenuity your undercover bachelor pad just might earn you points with the in-laws too! 😉

It’s 5’O Clock Somewhere 

Crack that beer, sit back and soak up some beach vibes from the comfort of your backyard. Apocalypse life has been nothing short of exhausting: riddled with unknowns. Pre-pandemic, you cruised through each week of labor, looking forward to relaxing over the weekend. These days, social gatherings are tough and your favorite bar isn’t open in the same capacity. You need a vacation. It’s time to take a break.

Fire up the grill, throw some kabobs, turn up the tunes and blow off the stress from your week. It may not be Margaritaville, but add the right patio umbrella and outdoor lounge furniture to transport yourself into impromptu vacation mode. Spruce up your deck and escape the monotony of quarantine with your very own backyard retreat.

Across the board, life stress and uncertainty is at an all time high; we get it. It’s time to unlace your shoes, unbutton that collar and sink into your own private paradise. With a little innovation and inspiration of pre-covid vibes, vacationing at home is well within your reach!


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