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Interior Decorating: How To Make Your Luxury Apartment Look Stunning With Eclectic Décor

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A luxury apartment won’t look luxurious unless you decorate appropriately. You might think eclectic décor would work against a luxurious appearance, but that’s not the case. Here’s how to make eclectic and luxury work together:

  1. Start with your bedroom

Creating a feeling of luxury begins with creating a sense of comfort. The one place you need the most comfort is in your bedroom. It’s where you retire after a hard day’s work, and the room you retreat to when you need some quiet time.

With an eclectic taste in design, you’ve probably gathered quite a few pieces of mismatched bedroom furniture. If you got your dresser from a garage sale and your bookshelves came from Goodwill, they probably don’t match in any way.

Get rid of the cheap furniture you bought just to have a place to stuff your clothes, and start intentionally looking for items. The secret to making eclectic furniture work is finding pieces that match in style (like carved pieces), and pieces with complementary colors and woods. For instance, if your dresser is a dark cherry, don’t buy a white bookshelf – buy a dark colored bookshelf.

  1. Create a focal point and decorate around it

Decorating with an eclectic style begins with creating a focal point to make mismatched items appear connected. Your focal point could be a bold-colored piece of furniture, a fireplace, or a large painting on the wall. It could be a lighting fixture, or a pattern painted on the top of each wall toward the ceiling.

Regardless of what it is, your focal point should tie all décor together. For example, if most of your furniture is red, find a large painting with a matching red frame, or paint red stripes at the top of your walls. If a fireplace is your focal point, place items on the mantle that match the rest of your décor throughout the house.

Choose other items based on this focal point. For instance, area rugs, throw pillows and blankets, and curtains should match the pattern, texture, or color of your focal point.

  1. Give your eyes the images of luxury

Decorating with an eclectic style doesn’t mean you can live like a slob. If your mattress is directly on the floor, you need a frame. If you’re not into box springs, get a platform frame and put your mattress on top. If you’re not using sheets, get a good set of linens. Don’t live like you’re in a dorm. You’re not going to feel luxurious dropping down to the floor to sleep on a bare bed.

Give your eyes the imagery needed to affirm that you live in a luxurious environment. Even if it’s comfortable, there’s nothing luxurious about seeing a mattress on the floor.

For the rest of your space, buy specific items that reinforce your personal sense of luxury. Splurge on a 4-piece extra-wide toaster. Get a top-of-the-line programmable smart coffee maker so you can start your morning coffee before leaving your bedroom. Get a commercial grade blender for your morning smoothies. Buy whatever appliances you need to feel like you’re living a high quality, luxurious life. As a bonus, you’ll save more money in the long run when you buy quality appliances.

  1. Go easy on the accessories

Luxury can be achieved by taking a minimalistic approach to home décor. More space and less clutter contribute to a feeling of luxury. You’ve probably stepped into a friend’s house and felt an immediate sense of peace due to the amount of uncluttered space in their home. If you can feel that way about a friend’s home, you can create that same feeling in your home.

When your preference for décor is eclectic, it’s easy to collect an overwhelming amount of decor, but it’s a mistake to display it all. If you display everything you’ve got, your house will look like an antique store rather than a home.

Before putting out little items on shelves and windows ledges, lay out the bigger accessories like rugs, art, and pillows. Then, look through your tchotchkes to find items that match. For instance, if you collect owl figurines, they’re all going to be different. However, depending on their colors and material, some will be a better match than others.

If you’re working with multiple textures and materials, give each room its own theme. You could decorate your kitchen in a farmhouse style, and make your bathroom modern with the help of

While it is important to go easy on the accessories, you should also focus on adding elements you love. The last thing you want is to purchase things like art pieces that do not appeal to you simply because you saw them in your favourite men’s magazine. Each accessory you use should hold special value to you. For instance, if you love model trains, nothing should stop you from displaying a piece in your living area.

Maintain your space with regular cleaning

After you’ve done all the hard work, keep your space looking great by using a professional cleaning service once a month. It’s cheaper than you think, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


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