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2020 Belmont Stakes Betting Strategy: 5 Ways To Take A Step Ahead Of Your Game

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This year’s edition of the Triple Crown races is surprisingly unique as it won’t follow the traditional order of the games. Two months ago, the Kentucky Derby set the new date on September 5, 2020, which led to the Belmont Stakes being rescheduled on June 20, 2020. The series will end with the Preakness Stakes closing the season on October 3, 2020. 

While there’s a switch with Triple Crown racing schedules, one thing that will not change is the betting games that you can gamble on. Bettors are encouraged to wager online since the Triple Crown races will observe a fanless field to abide by the home quarantine rules set due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Technically speaking, betting online is far more convenient since the odds are easier to compare. You can take advantage of each bookies’ promotions and have higher chances of winning. You might already know how to bet smartly on horse races, but here are additional pointers on how to be one step ahead when you bet on the Belmont Stakes


Review, Prepare, And Re-Read Racing Forms 

The racing forms are the most effective tools you can use to review the records of each Belmont Stakes hopeful. In case you’ve been missing out, the racing forms lay out the racehorse’s complete profile. It also includes the records and achievements of their entire horse racing career since birth. The forms also have info on the horse’s trainer, jockey, breeder, and earnings. 

With the Belmont Stakes happening in just a few weeks, make sure you review the forms and re-read each horse’s full statistics. Some of these horses have taken part in huge stakes races that may add or diminish their current odds value. With this, you can pick and reconsider your betting strategies. 

Budget Wisely

A good betting game needs a proper betting bankroll. It demands a substantial amount of money, so you’ll need to budget smartly. Nowadays, due to the halt caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the expenses you need to send for betting must be considered properly. 

You have to settle first your primary needs before you set up a betting bankroll. It will help you save yourself from compromising your daily expenses that must go to your necessities. Consider the amount of every bet you make and start gambling for lower categories instead of wagering it all on the expensive ones. 

Gamble To Win 

According to expert bettors, the best attitude to wear when betting on racehorses is always to end up winning. 

There are two categories in horse race betting: the straight and the exotic bets. If you like to win consistently, you can wager on the straight bets as they come easier. On the other hand, exotic bets may give you a bigger profit. However, the chances of winning come once in a blue moon. Consider devouring straight bets. Although they generate a lower payout, you’ll have better chances of winning more. 

In the upcoming Belmont Stakes, expect that all the competing horses are coming in their best forms. There might also be a head to head competition since they all have colorful racing forms to boast. 

Bet On The Favorites 

Since the Belmont Stakes this year comes in a special edition and surprising set-up, you might have a limited time to come up with deserving bets. The easiest way to pick a possible winner is to lay on the heavy favorites. Aside from getting considerable odds value, these horses are more excited to win the race. 

Looking into the current set-up of the Belmont Stakes field, there are only sixteen horses allowed to run at Belmont Park. It’s made up of the first eight starters, the next five starters, and the final three runners. With this structure, it’s best to pick and wager the favorites as they have higher chances of emerging as winners.

Skip The Jackpot Bets 

As stated, the Belmont Stakes betting games will be held online this season. This means that bookies can make odds come in their favor, making it harder for you to find the right category to bet. Make sure that you are careful enough to compare each odds and take your time before placing your bets. 

Online bookies also used to make jackpot bets that lure you with a considerable amount to win. Although you can earn a huge amount of money, the chances of winning are slim. You can skip the jackpot bets to save more money and time. Go back to simple and straight bets so you won’t sway away from your rhythm. 


Betting in the upcoming Belmont Stakes can give you a chance to earn money while facing the dangers brought by the Coronavirus outbreak. If you want to take part in the Belmont Stakes betting games this June, don’t hesitate to apply the pointers listed above to bring home the largest profit you can earn.


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