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I am Not Leaving Leicester, Says Brendan Rodgers

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With rumors going around that Arsenal wants to make Brendan Rodgers their new manager, Brendan has come out to clear the air.

After leading his team to the second position in the Premier League after 14 matches, the Gunners has shown great interest for the Irish man. Brendan has a 14 million euros compensation clause in his contract that goes into 2022.

Yet when he left Celtic for Leicester in February, Brendan said that making another move was not currently on his plans.

Arsenal is looking to replace Emery, who was sacked after 18 months in charge of their longest winless matches since 1992.

The Gunners are 8th in the table with 13 points behind Leicester and have placed Freddie Ljungberg, a former midfielder in interim charge.

When asked if the rumors were true, Brendan said that he has a contract running until 2022. While acknowledging that a lot of managers are losing their jobs, he said that his club has not indicated to him that they have plans to sack him.

He said he is working with a group of players with so much potential. When pressed on why he had not clearly denied the move, Brenda said that he is pleased in his club and has no reason to go elsewhere.

He said although there were rumors and speculations, he had no reason to leave Leicester at this time. He repeated that he is pleased with Leicester and had great relations with people at Leicester, and feels he wanted to continue with that.

He added that he had chosen to join Leicester for a purpose. He wanted to join Leicester and help the club move in a better place more than it was when he came in, and with a team that he felt has great potential. He wondered why he would like to leave from that.

He argued that although he moved in after nearly 3 years in Celtic and people may think that he’d like to join Arsenal because it is a huge club and such. But to him, it’s all about happiness, and he gets it at Leicester.

He said that he loves coming to work every day, working with the people at Leicester. He is filled with happiness when he comes in with that excitement, knowing that they have what it takes to grow and develop.

He added that he loves the area as it is a beautiful place to live and so he had no reason to give up. Brendan has been in the Leicester for only nine months and has them flying in this league season. Foxes sat in 2nd place, with only eight points behind Liverpool, who are the leading. If you are a Leicester fun and you love betting, you can head to betting sites such as Mobile Bet and place your bet in their next match.

Due to his exemplary performance, Brendan has been linked to several top jobs, including the recent Tottenham hotseat after the sacking of Mauricio Pochettino. Rumors from Sportsmail revealed that Brendan was Spur’s preferred choice before turning to Jose Mourinho.

After Leicester’s 2-1 win against Everton on Sunday, Brendan reiterated that he was committed to the club. He also said that although his contract had a release clause, he had no plans to go anywhere.

When asked if he would stay at the club, he said ‘’Yeah, very much’’. He added that he left a club nine months ago, and this is the change he came to bring to a club with ambition. He said it would take great effort to get to the top six.  But he loves every minute since joining Leicester. They got work to do, but he’s excited.

Arsenal’s search for a manager has been hindered by a limited budget that has proved to put off many of the leading contenders.

The former manager Unai Emery was paid £4million  in a year. Arsenal is willing to pay more than that but not the amount asked by the European elite. Max Allegri and Pochettino, and Carlo Ancelotti are all expecting double that amount, which is beyond what Arsenal is willing to pay.

The combination of wages and compensation needed to secure managers in work in the Premier League, like the Nuno Espirito Santo and Brendan Lodgers, could mean they are out of reach too.


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