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The Ladies’ Club: 6 Reasons Why Golf Empowers Female Players

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When rich men want a hobby or sports, they don’t usually play the exhausting sports that would immediately drain their energies.

They would choose sports that don’t need too much movement and effort but are still competitive. They would normally go to the relaxing but enjoyable classy golf. This game involves a player striking a small ball into different holes at different points in the golf course. The player who places his ball in the holes with the fewest strokes wins.

Players usually discuss anything and everything under the sun on the golf course. In fact, most businessmen and women seal their deals here. This may be why golf has sometimes been dubbed as the rich men’s club by many people.

Golfing has been the men’s playground for many years, especially in the professional arena. However, women have taken more interest in playing the sport. There’s no wonder why, as golf brings many empowering personal and business developments to women who play this classic. Here are some: 

Reason 1: Golf Challenges Women

Even though many people will tell you that playing golf is complex, many more people will manifest that it is the greatest game they have ever played. Even fans of golf would tell you that playing it is different from other sports.

Learning golf can take time, but it could help improve your physical and mental health. However, when you understand it and play well, golf is rewarding. It feels like you have indeed achieved a thing that you thought was unreachable. Golf teaches you that you can do and accomplish tasks, even if it’s difficult when you train for them.

Reason 2: Golf Teaches Business Skills

Everyone knows that golf is where most business people take their clients to seal the deal in transactions and negotiations. Golfing is a business tool they use to persuade. This is not a surprise since it’s a great way to get out of the rigid office and enjoy the golf course’s scenery and the game’s excitement.

If you’re a woman looking to boost your career, this is an opportunity for you. Golf is a social sport. Learning golf could mean improving your business relationship with other businesspeople.

Reason 3: Golf Builds Character

Playing golf is an opportunity to build your character. There will be times when you miss a putt or land in a sand trap. While these can be frustrating, experiencing these in golf helps you develop patience when your initial plans don’t work. 

Golf teaches you to have discipline and a level-headed mind. This way, you’ll see the bigger picture of what is happening on the golf course and maybe even in your life.

Reason 4: Golf Promotes Physical Health

Playing golf is also a great way to stay in shape. Aside from all the physical activity required in playing the sport, you’ll also get to play out in the open, which means you’ll get your required dose of vitamin D being under the sun. Enough Vitamin D is vital as it boosts your immune system, helps you absorb calcium, and lowers your cancer risk.

Playing golf also improves posture. Posture is essential to the success of many golfers, especially women. Without proper posture, there’s a high percentage that your swings will lead to topped balls.

Reason 5: Golf Provides Networks

Aside from the fun you’ll get in playing golf, you can also establish a network of friends, business connections,  and a support group here. Since golf is a social sport, the women’s club you and fellow female players want to make will become a big family. You’ll meet new people you’d get to enjoy the sports with. Not only that, they could provide you with plenty of opportunities outside golf. 

Reason 6: Golf Teaches Life Lessons

When you play golf, it means that you subscribe to the sport’s values of integrity, honor, and character. Golf will test your honesty as it is a sport with no referees. It teaches you to be honest and forthright. These skills are vital in life, too. 

You will have many opportunities to cheat in a game without someone looking at you, so you will have the discretion and choice to play fair or take advantage of this situation. Playing the sport could test your character, for better or worse. 

It will be an opportunity for your growth. It will teach you endurance and resilience no matter the situation.

In Conclusion 

Women have played golf long before and should continue to do so. With the sports regaining popularity amongst the ladies, we hope the reasons we have provided above will entice them to keep their spirits up in playing the game. 

With this, the ladies will definitely reap the benefits of learning new skills and making new networks on and off the golf course. 



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