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5 Travel Tips for Visiting Saudi Arabia

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After several considerations, you have finally decided to visit Saudi Arabia either for business, pleasure, or some religious activities. While this is a great decision to make, there are very important things that you must know when visiting Saudi Arabia. This will help you prepare better and make the most of your stay while you are there. Also don’t forget to check out Last minute offers to book your flight tickets. So, in no particular order, let’s quickly examine 5 travel tips for visiting Saudi Arabia.

Have It At The Back Of Your Mind That Saudi Arabia Is Hot

The first decision you might have to make if you are considering visiting Saudi Arabia is the time you want to visit. Except you are visiting for a very important reason, it is always best that you leave your visit until the fall or spring months. During these months, though still hot, Saudi Arabia is much cooler. Anything outside the fall or spring months will mean that you are bracing yourself up for a very high temperature.

The Official Currency Is Saudi Riyal

Yes, if you’re visiting Saudi Arabia, you will have to spend money during your time there and that’s why you have to know that the official currency there is the Saudi Riyal which goes for about 27 cents for one Riyal. Before travelling, speak to your tour operator and be sure the places you will like to visit while in Saudi Arabia accept credit cards. Either way, there is no cause for alarm as there are several banks in Saudi Arabia with ATMs that you can use your international cards.

The Quality of Health Services in Saudi Arabia Is High

Just like many of the world’s wealthiest countries, the cost of quality health services in Saudi Arabia is very high. To be on a safe side when visiting, you should get yourself inoculated against common diseases. If you are going on a visit that will require you to be a large gathering of people, health professionals always advise that you get a meningococcal vaccine.

Arabic Is the Official Language

Even though you might be conversant with this already, it is still important that you are reminded of the official language in Saudi Arabia which is Arabic. While having a good understanding of Arabic will be an added advantage when it comes to relating with people during your visit, there is no cause for alarm if you can’t speak. Many of the people you will come across during your visit from hotel attendants to restaurant attendants have a good understanding of the English language.

Local Customs and Laws Are Governed By the Wahhabi School of Islam

Do not get surprised if you see men being separated from women in public places, instead, you should brace up for it. That’s because there is strict adherence to the laws and customs of the Wahhabi school of Islam. There is also the prohibition of alcohol and certain dressing. Have an insight into what dress codes are prohibited and allowed before getting on a plane to Saudi Arabia. With all of these said, you need to note that Saudi Arabia is a great place to be. Not only will you love the culture of the Arabian people, but you will also love their high penchant for decency. Get your money exchanged, get a hang of some Arabic words, book Emirates Airlines Tickets for pleasant travel, make sure you’re inoculated against common diseases, and you’re good to go!


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