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Experience the Most Luxurious Trips in the World before You Fork out the Cash

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To experience true luxury, a lavish occasion, and be treated like a VIP, you’d better have a deep wallet. However, even if you have a hefty bank balance, you don’t want to be throwing it away on seemingly luxurious trips, only for it to fail to live up to expectations.

While once very exclusive and held behind closed doors for those deemed worthy, many of the best places to go for a lavish getaway are now much more open. Just about anyone can go online to have a look around these world-famous venues to see if it’s for them.

Continue reading to find out ways that you can essentially try before you buy into these world-class experiences and destinations.

Get into the paddock virtually before going all-in

One of the most prestigious events on the sporting calendar each year is Formula One’s Monaco Grand Prix. For a long weekend, the billionaires’ playground gets transformed into a high-speed race track, which brings in the rich and famous from around the world. Whether you have an overlooking hotel or a yacht in the harbor, it’s an experience like none other, but the best place to go is the paddock.

The paddock is where you can separate yourself from the rest, with the Formula 1 Paddock Cub offering hospitality, the pit lane walk, and even more rewards. While the wining, dining, meets, and greets are all very appealing, the pit lane walk is certainly the star of this offer. Now, the Monaco GP offers virtual paddock access for those who buy tickets, giving you a sample of the behind-the-scenes experience.

Playing at the historic hub of London entertainment

Source: Unsplash

Opened in 1900 on the corner of Charing Cross and Cranbourn Street, the London Hippodrome has established itself in the history of London entertainment. The legendary venue has long held a prestigious demeanor, from its stunning architecture to its ever-changing interior that’s made it a theatre, The Talk of the Town, and a hub for nightlife now as The Hippodrome Casino.

Despite its historic roots, the venue has certainly moved with the times. Not only can you explore the games on offer online, but you can play at the real tables of the casino in real-time via your device. Now, when you play roulette online on their website, you’ll get to pick a live table game taking place in the Leicester Square venue, see it on the screen, watch the croupier perform the game, and bet on each outcome on the table. 

Pinnacle of a luxury stay in the Middle East

Source: Unsplash

You’ll struggle to find a country in the world that has become more enthralled with being at the peak of luxury than the United Arab Emirates. At the forefront of the nation’s rapid development have been Abu Dhabi and Dubai, erecting record-beating buildings, monuments, and new islands. For the ultimate stay in one of the most sublime buildings in the region, don’t look any further than Emirates Palace.

The five-star luxury hotel is incredibly furnished, offers 24-hour butler service, temperature-controlled pools, spa and wellness options, and restaurants spanning a wide range of cuisines. Still, being so expensive, it’s wise to have a look around whenever possible, and luckily, there are several virtual hotel tours to be found on the official website. So, you can have a good look around before working out if Emirates Palace is for you. 

With these three luxurious options, you have a chance to test the experience before you pay out a boat-load of cash to tick them off of your bucket list.



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