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How to Save a Ton of Money When You Travel

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Are you planning to travel? Have you already chosen a destination, found out the cost of tickets for a flight, and even booked a suitable tour? The cost of your vacation may be too high. However, we have some good news. Follow these tips and your wallet will thank you.

Find free entertainment

If you spend a little more time planning your trip, you will find some free entertainment. Tourist cities often host different festivals. You can visit a music concert or see street performances. Some museums have free admission. Pay attention to landscape parks. You can also have a great time there without any money.

Before booking, find out about the nearest public transport stops

Hotels in the city center are often very expensive. You can book a room in another area. But you have to do a little research. Find out what public transport runs there and how long it takes to get to the places you want to visit. Try to find a cheap hotel at least 10-15 minutes drive from the main attractions of the city. It helps you to save money on your holiday.

Shop at local stores and farmers’ markets

Visit an ordinary local store. There you can taste local products without having to pay a big price in the restaurant. Many farmers’ markets often lower the price of the goods by the end of the day. Go to the market before closing and you will find something tasty for your dinner.

Take water and snacks during the outgoing

Carry fruit or granola bars with you. They will save you money while walking. An ordinary bottle of water bought in a supermarket can cost several times cheaper than the exact same bottle in a store opposite the Colosseum in Rome.

Look for city tourist cards

Many European cities have a tourist card system that provides free admission to museums, discounts at shops and restaurants, and free public transport.

Don’t book the best room in the hotel

If you plan to spend your vacation exploring the city, and you need a room just for sleeping, don’t book the best. Learn more about amenities included in the price. Perhaps they are not necessary. So why pay more?

Travel during the off-season

In high season, the cost of plane tickets and hotel rooms can increase significantly. Crowds of tourists go sightseeing. During the off-season, some attractions have free admission. And the cost of flights and hotel rooms are not so expensive.

Walk as much as possible

You can learn much more about the city if you walk around it. Explore local parks, wander through the narrow streets in search of a better shot. Some cities are made for walking. You can spend the whole day leisurely exploring the center of St. Petersburg. The Winter Palace, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and Kazan Cathedral are within walking distance.

Try not to get out of budget

Create a budget and stick to it. But this doesn’t mean that you should deny yourself everything. Have you saved some money on museum tickets? Celebrate this with a meal in a nice restaurant.




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