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Is Las Vegas Still a Glamorous Tourist Destination in 2023?

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Vegas is a pretty important town when it comes to the casino industry, making it a popular attraction for casino fans across the world. But Sin City also has some other attractions that tourists can see. Since its inception, Vegas has been a beacon of the States and has attracted lots of tourists.

In other words, Las Vegas has lost none of its potency as a tourist destination as there are thousands of people going to Sin City and they will continue to visit throughout 2023. Vegas is probably on your bucket list and when you’re planning to visit, make sure to visit these places:

The Strip

When it comes to hot spots in Vegas the Strip is one of them. This is where the action takes place as you have the flashiest joints, casinos, and resorts. You have the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, The Venetian, and other household names.

These casinos will offer a bunch of casino games. Table games and slot machines are available on multiple floors. In other words, casino fans will find a bunch of titles to choose from which is pretty similar to the game selection at a Casumo NZ online casino or any other casino site.


But if casino games don’t interest you, then you can visit the same resorts and enjoy the activities they offer. Some of them are equipped with movie theaters and will also have a bunch of bars and restaurants to pick from. So, you can still have a fun time at the Strip even if you don’t play casino games.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is another location you must visit when it Vegas. It’s a marvel of nature and when you see how big it is, then you’ll stop wondering why they call it the Grand Canyon. The best way to enjoy this is to go on a helicopter tour. You can get an unforgettable aerial view and some amazing videos or pics for your story on social media. You can also get the same kind of tour for Vegas and end up enjoying an amazing experience.

The Mob Museum

If you didn’t know by now, Vegas has ties to the mob as certain establishments were built with mob money and were even run by associates of the mob. You can learn all about it by visiting the mob museum. Its official name of it is the National Museum of Organized Crime and it’s housed in a building that used to be the post office and held the usual suspects during the Kefauver Committee hearings. You’ll get some clips and some interactive displays that will walk you through mob history.

The Neon Museum

The flash in Vegas comes from the many neon signs around, so why not have a museum that focuses on that? That’s exactly how the Neon Museum is founded as it has come off the most popular neon signs back in the day.

In conclusion, these are some of the most popular locations that prove that Vegas is a glamourous tourist destination in 2023.



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