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Keep the Fun Going During Coronavirus

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The coronavirus pandemic is more under control than it was when it first emerged, but it is, unfortunately, still a threat. It’s unlikely that life is going to return to normal until there’s a vaccine, which is coming — researchers think there may be a “good enough for now” vaccine by early 2021. Still, though, while that’s good news, it’s not as if we can just sit around and wait for an indefinite period of time. Though we can’t live life to the fullest, there are still plenty of ways to keep life fun and interesting. Below, we’ll take a look at just a handful of ways to do this.


Remember in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, when everyone was learning new skills, getting creative, and so on? They were good days, but now no-one seems to be doing it. Because we’re allowed to be outside more than we could back then, many people are doing their best to resume their normal life — but it’s just not the same as it once was. So instead of putting too much faith in the outside world to entertain you, why not use this once in a lifetime opportunity, and focus on improving yourself? There are any number of activities you could try — learning a language, how to draw, meditation, it doesn’t really matter what. The key detail is that you’re improving yourself.

Local Fun

You’ll likely find that local life isn’t entirely the same as it used to be. It’ll get there in the future, not to worry, but for now, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to stick entirely to your usual routine. But guess what? There’ll be more to your local area than your return. While some of your old favorites may have temporarily closed their doors, it’s possible that there are other spaces nearby to your home that aren’t just open but are well worth your time. What about local state parks, or other spaces found away from the cities? When civilized life takes a break for a while, it’s always a good idea to look at nature.

Get Moving

But who says that you necessarily need to stay local? Many people think that the coronavirus pandemic has temporarily suspended travel, but this isn’t the case. While there are some countries where it’s not possible to visit as a tourist, there are still plenty that are welcoming international visitors — it’s just that certain places ask you to take a test on arrival. So if you’re wondering, ‘is it safe to travel during the coronavirus pandemic,’ the answer is that it depends. For the countries that are allowing visitors to cross the border, it will be safe providing that you take the proper precautions. Many people have abandoned any hope of traveling for the foreseeable future, but there’s no reason to go to such an extreme measure. Traveling may look a little different for a while, but it still exists.
In the Home

Not that you necessarily need to leave the home when you’re looking to have fun. While it can be highly enjoyable to take a trip, it’s not essential. Indeed, one of the benefits of the coronavirus pandemic has been that it has shown us that we can have a good time on our property. This is something that most people never really thought about before; they always looked to the outside world for their fun. So maybe it’s time to take another look at your property. Is it as fun as it could be? There are plenty of ways to make things more exciting. You could add an outdoor cinema to your yard, for example, or load up your property with those classic board games. Essentially it’s about looking at your home and asking yourself what’s possible. You might just find that your property has a lot more potential than you previously thought!

Bigger Picture

Finally, our last suggestion when it comes to keeping the fun going even though life may not be as exciting as it could be right now: think of the bigger picture, and enjoy the small pleasures that life continues to put in our paths. It’s sometimes easy to think that in order to have fun, we have to do things that are exciting and grand and all that, but it’s not the case. There are plenty of pleasant moments to enjoy, every single day, like a relaxing evening with your family on the couch! It’s just up to you to notice them. 


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