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Serene Escapes: Unwind at a Hudson Valley Resort

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Tourists flock to New York City all year round. Still, there’s a world of discovery waiting beyond Manhattan.

Tucked away on a 75-acre estate along the Hudson River, Buttermilk Falls has a fantastic assortment of features. Here, you can find abundant lodging, a world-class spa, a farm-to-table restaurant, an organic kitchen garden, and an animal rescue center. Buttermilk Falls Inn is a top hotel complex that epitomizes European hospitality. This complex stands out for its tasteful fusion of state-of-the-art technologies and natural beauties. 

With a wide range of premium services and the total Buttermilk Falls Resort In Hudson Valley, visitors may experience the ambiance of the best resorts in the world right here.

Why is it vital to choose the right resort?

Selecting the ideal resort for relaxation is essential. It may significantly influence the caliber of your relaxing time. These are the reasons you have to carefully choose the right resort:

  • A well-chosen resort fosters a relaxing atmosphere. Consider a peaceful environment with soothing vistas, noises, and cozy areas instead of a busy resort with nonstop activities.
  • Resorts provide different options for different types of leisure. A spa resort offering rejuvenation choices and massage treatments is perfect if you want some pampering. Active travelers who want to unwind select resorts providing water sports, hiking paths, and fitness centers.

  • Selecting a resort with all the amenities you require for leisure helps to reduce stress before your vacation. You can relax and focus on rejuvenation with enjoyable meals, comfortable lodging, and leisure activities.
  • You may make the most of your downtime by choosing the correct resort. You can enjoy restaurants, spas, and activities at the resort, saving time and reducing stress.
  • A peaceful setting with cozy lodging, food options, and activities to relieve stress positions you on an excellent relaxation vacation. You’ll be ready to take on your everyday life when you get back home, feeling renewed and invigorated.

The ideal resort offers the perfect setting for escaping daily stresses. Here, you can indulge in self-care, and genuinely unwind. It’s an investment in your health that will guarantee a genuinely rejuvenating encounter.

Amenities You Can Find at Buttermilk Falls Inn

Buttermilk Falls Inn is situated on the picturesque Hudson River. It offers more than just a standard relaxation. This full-service resort combines luxury lodging, fine dining, and peaceful surroundings with a solid dedication to highlighting the Hudson Valley’s abundance. These are the primary amenities you can find:

  • You can select from 17 unique lodging options. They feature anything from warm lofts to historic Inn rooms to quaint guest houses & cottages, guaranteeing a customized experience based on your tastes.
  • The extensive 75-acre estate offers a distinct and serene ambiance ideal for conducting business gatherings. Being a full-service resort, the complex can tailor your stay to meet your professional requirements.
  • You can experience a world of relaxation and renewal at the on-site spa. It provides a wide range of massage, body, facial, nail, and HydraFacial services. The purpose of the spa policies is to guarantee your convenience and comfort throughout your visit.

The Buttermilk Falls Inn has carefully chosen every aspect. It guarantees your comfort and happiness, resulting in a remarkable stay.

Events To Hold At Buttermilk Falls Inn

The Hudson Valley’s hills create a stunning backdrop for Buttermilk Falls Inn. It is a remarkable site for various occasions. The estate offers an unmatched backdrop of seclusion and exclusivity for any event. Here, you can arrange magical weddings or fruitful corporate gatherings. The Buttermilk Falls Inn goes above and beyond the typical hotel experience.


Buttermilk Falls Inn offers an experience that goes beyond the standard hotel stay. This picturesque haven provides unrivaled seclusion and exclusivity for any event. You can say your vows on the spacious Riverfront Patio. It seats up to 200 guests, with the magnificent Hudson River as your background. With its rustic charm, The Barn at Buttermilk is the perfect venue for a smaller gathering. It’s ideal for up to ninety people and smoothly transitions from a delicious supper to exciting dancing outside.


The Buttermilk Falls Inn isn’t the usual place for a corporate getaway. It does provide a range of meeting rooms suitable for every kind of event, from big conferences to small board meetings. These well-appointed rooms have contemporary features like fast Wi-Fi and presentation equipment.

The resort’s unique selling point is its dedication to giving guests an unforgettable experience. A full breakfast is the first step towards a successful meeting. Using fresh ingredients from their on-site Millstone Farm, the resort offers a gourmet buffet that will satisfy your needs.


Summing Up

Buttermilk Falls Inn surpasses all expectations as a vacation. This full-service resort offers a fantastic experience because of its gorgeous surroundings. It provides an oasis of luxury and leisure, whether you’re saying “I do” in front of the Hudson River, or relaxing in a luxurious spa getaway. It’s understandable why Buttermilk Falls Inn is the top option for weddings, meetings, and special events. Its facilities, attentive service, and breathtaking event spaces speak for themselves. 


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