The Famous North American Attractions with Unexpected Surprises

Everyone has a list of famous landmarks they want to visit at some point in their lives. From Lady Liberty to Chichen Itza, North America is jam-packed with amazing attractions that can’t be missed (literally, they are massive).

However, right next to some of the most famous places in this continent lie some of the most unusual.

Here are just a few of these interesting spots.

Niagara Falls/Casinos – Ontario and New York State

With a 57 ft drop and straddling the border between the US and Canada, Niagara Falls is one of the largest waterfalls on the globe. However, when arriving at the famous landmark, many visitors are surprised to discover the world of entertainment that surrounds it. As well as live 18th-century trading reenactments and an underground boat ride, the area also boasts an array of arcades and casinos. So, if you don’t feel like spending all day being sprayed by river water, you can always enjoy a game of poker or roulette instead.

And, thanks to the wonderful array of online casinos in Canada you can go home and play the games that remind you of the casinos in Niagara. The great thing about online casinos is that, even if you are new to them, you can take your time to find a game that suits you, with slots, table games, and even lotteries available to play. So, you can relive your time at Niagara Falls without having to stand fully clothed in the shower.

Pike Place Market/Chewing Gum Wall – Seattle

Dating back to 1907, Pike Place in Seattle is one of the oldest markets in the US. Today, it’s home to hipster craft shops and artisan food, making it a great attraction for millions of visitors each year. Yet, just around the corner from this famous marketplace sits something rather unusual and well, quite gross. And that thing is an entire wall made up of brightly colored and pre-chewed pieces of gum. This means that whilst you may be excited to take a trip to Seattle to experience its Pike Place Market, this 50 ft gum wall is more likely to stick in your mind for its sheer uniqueness.

Of course, Seattle also has a rich history of producing some of the best musical artists in America. So, next time you find yourself listening to the angsty sounds of grunge, you can think back to that delectable wall of gum and array of designs people have created, too.

Cancun/Joyxee Island

Generating a third of Mexico’s tourism income alone, Cancun is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. However, just down the road from the area is one of the most eco-friendly islands around. Made up of plastic bottles and running off wave-powered energy, the 8,000 square foot island of Joyxee is not what you’d expect to see when exploring the beaches of Cancun. The island balances on a base of used bottles and is home to a fully functioning house for one man and his dog.

Amazingly, Joyxee has been built by this one man alone. So, if you feel inspired to create your own floating island after researching this ecological home in Mexico’s southeast, you just might be able to. It may need an extra bit of hard work, but it would certainly be worth it.

Whether you find yourself visiting a casino, staring at gum, or being inspired by an island, these places certainly are a surprise find when going to larger, more famous North American attractions.


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