Top 3 Vacation Destinations after Graduating from College

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Going to college is a big deal, for obvious reasons, but graduating from college is even more exciting.

After years and years of hard work, assignments, deadlines, and tests, you can finally go out to the real world, and do something that you love.

However, before you start looking for your dream job, you should think about taking some time off and going on vacation.

You won’t get another opportunity to travel without a single thing holding you back, no job or school obligations to weigh you down, and that is something you need to cherish.

Now, after spending a few years in college, you probably don’t have a lot of savings left to pay for a long, luxurious trip. Although you will have to stick to online poker instead of visiting a prestigious casino resort, there are lots of places that can still provide you with an unforgettable adventure.

Do you want to learn which 3 locations might be suitable for your grand post-graduation trip?

Where to Go

Since this is the perfect timing for you to go on a long trip or visit far, exotic locations, you need to consider a lot of details when planning your vacation.

First of all, how long are you planning on staying abroad? What is your budget? And what kind of trip do you want to have? Here are a few destinations that might appeal to you:

  1. India – If you are looking to experience a new culture and amazing views, this is the best place for you. India is known for the chaotic atmosphere and the fast city-life pace, but you also have the tranquil rural areas that will allow you to clear your head when needed. Since the Indian culture is so different than anything we know, it might be hard for you to get used to your surrounding at the beginning.

    However, this is one of the cheapest destinations you can choose since one dollar equals roughly 69 Indian Rupees. Food, transportation, and accommodation are highly affordable, which turns it into a great destination for a low-budget trip.

  2. Vietnam – Apart from the plane ticket that might be quite costly, depending on when you’re traveling, a trip to Vietnam is not an expensive treat. Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam attracts the attention of tourists with a unique culture and mesmerizing views.

    The Vietnamese Dong is worth about 0.00004 USD, which means that even the most expensive accommodations or services are affordable. You can find a hotel or hostel for less than $10 a night, and a full meal will cost you no more than $0.25-$5, less than a bottle of Coca Cola in most places.

  3. Nicaragua – Located in Central America, this country is the perfect location for backpackers and nature lovers. The Nicaraguan Cordoba is worth approximately 0.03 USD, and if you do things right, you can spend no more than $30 per day. If you stay at hostels and refrain from eating at pricy restaurants, you will be able to save a lot of cash. A full meal at the right place can cost you $2-$4, and the rest of your budget should be spent on fun activities and making memories.

In Conclusion

Once you finish college, you have a limited timeframe to do something adventurous and fun without restriction, and you shouldn’t let this rare opportunity pass you by.

Go on a trip of a lifetime without draining your bank account by choosing the right location, and you will be able to set out on a wild vacation to remember!


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