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Here’s Why Disposable Vapes Are the Best Vapes for Quitting Smoking

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Vaping has been around for a long time at this point, but there are still a few smokers who haven’t made the switch yet – and you might be one of them.

If that’s the case, you picked the best possible time to do it because vaping products have never been more reliable, more satisfying or more enjoyable to use than they are right now.

There’s also never been a greater variety of vaping products available, but one type of product definitely stands out above the rest. More than ever, people have made it clear that they think disposable vapes are the best vapes for quitting smoking

If you’re still smoking have finally made the decision to try vaping for the first time, this is the article for you because we’re going to explain why a disposable vape is the right choice. Here’s why disposable vapes are the best vapes for quitting smoking.

Disposable Vapes Are the Easiest Vapes to Use

The biggest selling point in favor of disposable vapes is that – unlike most other types of vaping devices – you don’t have to learn how to use them at all. That makes them more similar to cigarettes than any other type of vaping device. When you smoked a cigarette for the first time, no one had to tell you how to do it. Likewise, no one should ever have to explain the right way to vape – the device should be simple enough that you can figure it out on your own. That’s the experience you’ll have with disposable vapes.

With a disposable vape, you don’t have to charge or fill anything before you can get started – you can just remove the device from the package and puff on it. A disposable vape is the only type of vaping device that you instinctively know how to use without reading an instruction manual or looking things up online. It’s also the only type of vaping device that you can buy, open and start using immediately.

Disposable Vapes Offer a Huge Flavor Selection

In terms of beginner-oriented vapes, devices with pre-filled disposable pods are the main competition for disposable vapes. Pre-filled pod systems and disposables are the two types of devices that you’ll see in convenience stores and gas stations. When you compare those two types of vapes, though, you’ll find that pre-filled pod systems don’t really offer any competition for disposables at all. That’s because the pods are only available in two flavors: tobacco and menthol. Vape pods are subject to a flavor ban that was enacted by the federal government in 2020, but disposable vapes aren’t.

Since disposable vapes aren’t subject to the flavored pod ban, they’re available in just about any flavor that you can imagine. Many users are also turning to refillable systems because it allows for even more customization. By using VG vape liquid you can experiment with different flavor combinations.

Surveys have conclusively shown that people who switch from smoking to vaping prefer flavors other than tobacco and menthol, and that makes a disposable vape the better option by far for quitting smoking. Most people find that it’s easiest to quit with vaping devices that don’t taste anything like cigarettes.

Disposable Vapes Are Perfect if You Love Variety

The fact that disposable vapes are available in so many flavors makes them ideal for new vapers who don’t know what they want because you don’t have to commit to any one product for very long. If you don’t love the first flavor that you buy – or the device’s performance isn’t quite what you want – it isn’t a major issue because you’ll need to replace it after a few days anyway. Traditional vape kits aren’t cheap. When you buy a refillable vaping device, you can always change your e-liquid flavor, but you’re committed to the hardware unless you want to buy an entirely new vape kit. That’s not the case with disposable vapes.

If you want to enjoy the best selection of flavors and brands when you buy disposable vapes, buying your device from a local convenience store or gas station isn’t ideal because tobacco retailers have very limited shelf space for vaping products. The best online vape shop will have a drastically larger product selection.

Disposable Vapes Have the Best Nicotine Delivery

One of the biggest reasons why disposable vapes are the best vapes for quitting smoking is because of their extremely efficient nicotine delivery. In the United States, the typical nicotine strength for a disposable vape is 50 mg/ml, although many brands also have lower strengths available for those who prefer them. At a strength of 50 mg/ml, a disposable vape is an extremely efficient nicotine delivery platform – almost as efficient as a tobacco cigarette. Needless to say, that’s exactly what you want if you’re looking for the best vape for quitting smoking.

The fact that disposable vapes are so satisfying from a nicotine delivery standpoint doesn’t mean that they’re exactly the same as cigarettes because tobacco smoke also contains thousands of chemicals other than nicotine. It’s completely normal not to feel entirely yourself for the first few days after you quit smoking – even if you’re still getting as much nicotine as you need. Quitting will be as easy as it can be, though, if you stop smoking when you buy your first vaping device and tough it out for those few days.

Disposable Vapes Are the Cheapest Way to Vape

Without a doubt, disposable vapes are the cheapest vaping devices on the market today. That’s largely thanks to the advent of new rechargeable devices that last thousands of puffs before running out of e-liquid. A modern high-capacity disposable vape can last the equivalent of more than a carton of cigarettes while costing about the same as just two or three packs. Depending on how long a carton of cigarettes typically lasts for you, that means a high-capacity disposable vape can cost the equivalent of just a dollar or two per day. The fact that vaping can cost so much less than smoking has always been one of its biggest selling points, and that’s truer with disposable vapes than it is with any other type of vaping product.



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