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5 Men That Have Changed Our World

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Have you ever wondered what contributions people have been making over the world to make the world what it is today? Do you think that these people knew that impacts of their contributions would be felt across the globe for centuries to come?

What contributions are you making to change the world around you and leave a legacy behind? What’s your idea of a great legacy. As you think about the answers to these questions, look up to learn what you can do to get the academic assistance you need as a college student. 

In the meantime, let’s look at these five men who have changed our world.

1. Pablo Picasso 

Pablo was a renown Spaniard artist between 1881 and 1973; he was so great that all of his work is still celebrated to this day. It was important for as to start of this list with an artist because many people assume that, to change the world, you’ve got to be in technology or any other technical field.

Pablo Picasso was a special artist because he chose to express his personality as it changed over the years through his art. His dramatic creations always took the world by surprise because he specialized on unpredictability and mystery.

He’s one of the important figures from the 20th century because he’s identified as one of the people that invented Cubism and tertiary education. So, if you’re currently in college, it’s important that you can now pursue higher education thanks to Pablo Picasso and his fellow pioneers. 

Pablo is the perfect representation of a person who made the most of his life because if he was not making art, he was writing poems or plays. If he wasn’t painting, he was sculpting, printing, designing stage sets, writing plays or poems too. And if you’re familiar with the Guernica, painted in 1937, you know how impressive Pablo’s work was.

2. Leonardo Da Vinci 

Second on our list is an Italian Polymath who did some of his greatest work between 1452 and 1519. Leonardo Ba Vinci is considered a multitalented man who can be perceived as the greatest man who ever lived. Da Vinci was not only, he also helps us understand the human anatomy and was excellent at foreseeing the future. He is one of the few men who could tell where the world is headed and what the future holds for coming generations.

He is a multipotential who ensured that his life was a gift to humankind. He was the leading in innovations during the Italian Renaissance period, one of his greatest works being the Mona Lisa painting. What’s more, his well thought out sketches have been used to engineer bicycles, helicopters, among other modern-day innovations.

3. Hugo Junkers 

Speaking of engineering, this list wouldn’t be complete without us mentioning Hugo Junkers, the German engineer who was most relevant in the period between 1859 and 1935. This legend was an aircraft engineer who succeeded in designing a functional passenger aircraft in his 50s. You could say, his life’s work finally paid off in old age. This proves that if you are passionate about what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter how look you’ve got to try until you see results. Whatever it is you’re trying to make happen, don’t give up because one day the pieces of the puzzle will fit. And if it’s an academic assignment that’s giving you such a hard time, check this list of reliable academic writing services and choose a suitable academic partner. 

4. Ismail Al-Jazari

Just like Leonardo Da Vinci, Ismail Al-Jazari was also a polymath who used his talents to change the world in great ways. The Turkish multipotential write a book that expanded on Mechanics in a way that no other author throughout history has ever match up. His book was a groundbreaking guide used by IT technicians and engineers to manufacture some of the machines we used today. If you’ve used an alarm clock before, you’ve got Ismail Al-Jazari because it’s his knowledge that guided the invention of this useful machine.

5. Napoleon Bonaparte 

Last but not least, let’s talk about Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military and political leader who considered one of the world’s greatest military commanders of all time. He was on the forefront during the Napoleonic Wars and even though his lost, his contributions during this time greatly changed how laws are created and societies run.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how these five men changed the world, you can use them as a guide on how you would want to impact the world for coming generations. 


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