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“Edutainment” the new way to educate while you entertain

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Over the last year, due to the global pandemic, billions of children were forced to stay home and be educated by their parents. Therefore, it’s no surprise to learn that this has given a massive boost to a form of education known as ‘Edutainment.’

All parents need all the help they can get, and innovative companies like iNDIEFLIX, which is on its way to becoming part of Liquid Media Group, have honed in on this idea and taken it to the next level.

‘Edutainment,’ at its core, aims to educate while engaging viewers in a highly entertaining cinematic experience, generating a fresh alternative to traditional teaching methods. With the pandemic and families working and learning from home, hundreds of streaming platforms have emerged to entertain the little ones, while teaching methods have remained primarily antiquated. We all remember the process of repetition and so on, practical to a point but not much fun.  iNDIEFLIX is different. Its core product is Education wrapped in Entertainment.

The term ‘Edutainment’ was coined in the 1990s by American illustrator Peter Catalanotto teaching children about writing and illustration. The practice of Edutainment became widespread in the United States after John Dewey, a philosopher and educator, encouraged experimental methods of teaching to promote student engagement and excitement with learning. iNDIEFLIX has perfected Edutainment by creating full-length narrative films that help educate as well as entertain. Their upcoming acquisition by global business solutions company Liquid Media Group is set to magnify their work a billion times through their ever-expanding network of distribution that will make sure that you and I have access to these great films that educate.

“I think ‘Edutainment’ is about educating and building community through stories that are empowering, entertaining and educational,” says Scilla Andreen, CEO and co-founder of iNDIEFLIX Group Inc. “When we watch movies, we not only see and hear, we feel, and when that content is educational, we learn about the subject more deeply.”

A testament to the work of iNDIEFLIX continues with statements like this, “The feedback has been pouring in – people were so grateful for the film and the significant dialogue afterward. So many have indicated they will watch it again with their family or their team and continue the discussion. You all were amazing. Thanks for all of your efforts and your passion,” said the HR Director of a Fortune 100 Company that uses iNDIEFLIX’s films in their corporate education programs.

Says Ron Thomson, CEO of Liquid Media Group, “We are thrilled to be bringing iNDIEFLIX into the Liquid Media Group family, who we feel have discovered the explosive market of Edutainment. We have witnessed rapid growth across multiple industries benefiting from professional video content production, management, and delivery. iNDIEFLIX’s clientele base for ‘Edutainment’ expands not only into education and corporations but also has multiple applications.”

So what are these ‘Edutainment’ films about? The great news is that they cover topics that are difficult to start a conversation about. Instead of struggling to find a way to explain sexual harassment or racism to a child, wouldn’t it be great if they could watch a film and get enough information that the conversation you had with them after could be productive? So many parents worldwide have just avoided these topics because of simple fear or plain being uncomfortable or unsure how to start.

Edutainment is an excellent solution to the at-home education situation but also the age-old problem of how to teach a lesson that is hard to talk about. Thankfully soon, we will all be able to learn and teach through Edutaining films.


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