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5 of the Hottest Weekend Party Destinations Near Toronto

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When it comes to nightlife, Toronto is probably not the first place that comes to mind. Sure, the largest city in Canada is known for Drake, Rachel McAdams, and Jay Baruchel. But awesome weekend parties? Not exactly.

Or maybe you’ve just been going to the wrong spots.

From sprawling nightclubs to secret rooftop bars, from relaxing lounges to dance floor with strobe lights, you’ll surely find something that suits your party mood in Toronto and nearby areas. You can also make your party weekend a group affair with a Toronto charter bus or minibus rental so that your entourage can start the festivities and enjoy the sites along the way.

1. Cabana Pool Bar

Day-to-night happenings, a gorgeous octagonal pool, and colorful cocktails – The Cabana Pool Bar in Port Lands district is paradise for party animals who want to bask under the sun in the afternoon and work it on the dancefloor at night. The concept pretty much brings together club music and an endless summer. You’ll fall in love with the vibe, the crowd, and the whole experience. It’s like enjoying a weekend getaway without having to go to some exotic island.

Owned by hospitality entrepreneur Charles Khabouth, the beautiful outdoor patio looks massive with 50,000 square feet of space. It could accommodate up to 2,500 people, complete with daybeds and oversized umbrellas! It For a minimum spend of $2,500, you can stay in one of the twelve luxury cabanas, too. The all-white decor and oak lounges are nice details that give the place a classy touch.

While the daytime scene is pretty chill, this hotspot really gets busier after sunset. It’s a great summertime destination if you want to sit back, relax and feel like you’re on a complete vacation right in the heart of downtown Toronto.


2. Rebel Night Club

There is no other way to say this: Rebel Night Club is sultry, trendy, and precisely on point. It’s the perfect night out spot for young professionals who are looking for an extraordinary entertainment experience. Seriously, it’s rare to see a club as sensually satisfying as this. From the overhead lighting installation to the details of the interiors and color scheme, everything in the venue is taken to the next level.

So, what makes the club standout? For starters, there’s a dramatic 65-foot stage that is sure to capture your attention. There are also immersive lights and theatrical sounds that complete the atmosphere. The club also boasts of 4 rooms, LED video walls, a grand terrace, and an amazing view of the city skyline. Partying here will make you like you’re in a different universe!

Of course, all of these would be meaningless if you don’t have a good crowd. At Rebel, you can always expect the hippest and most stylish and hippest party animals. When you enter this club, make sure you’re prepared to have a good time!

3. The Libertine

Tarot cards and palm reading may not be the things you’d expect to see in a club. But these fit perfectly in The Libertine in Dundas Street. Don’t be fooled by the unassuming entrance. If you feel like you are entering a secret hideaway, then you’re definitely in the right spot. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by the club’s red lights. You’ll also see a sign saying “tarot card and palm reading.” Interesting, yes?

The LIbertine is spacious but not unreasonably large. With friendly servers, bartenders, and seemingly friendly regulars, it’ easy to feel right at home even if it’s your first time here. There is a bar, a long communal table, and nice u-shaped booths. The crowd is usually loud and lively but if you want some quiet time, you can always head to the fortune telling booth for palm, tarot and numerology readings.

Whether you’re here for dining or divination, don’t forget to try out Libertine’s awesome food and creative craft cocktails. The chow here is pretty good. There are bar snacks and finger food that will satisfy your palate.

Go ahead and make a reservation, we know you want to.


4. Cube Nightclub

Want to have a night of mischief and party? Cube Nightclub in Queen Street West is the perfect spot for you. This interesting hot spot wholeheartedly embraces the nostalgic design reminiscent of the sixties and seventies. It’s like the gateway to a totally different era!

Cube is the perfect spot if you want a venue for corporate parties and big group events that need an elegant touch. It’s also ideal if you want an intimate but exciting venue for a surprise birthday party or bachelorette. The amenities include onsite A/V, private courtyard, and an onsite kitchen. And there’s a 50 foot polished black bar that adds an elegant touch to the space. If you need a bit more space, there’s also a rooftop patio that can accommodate up to 350 people.

Drinks. Socializing. Stargazing. Cube is a great spot to just chill and mingle with people. And don’t worry, even it’s not “modern,” the club has an impressive sound system, enormous LED wall displays, VIP bottle service and other modern amenities that will make your party experience so much better.

Big hip-hop fan? Try to join Cube Saturdays where in house DJ Aristotle keeps the party going.

5. Uniun Nightclub

With heart-pounding sounds and an energetic dance floor, Uniun Nightclub is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. This hot spot boasts acts from international musicians and local acts. No wonder it attracts the hippest party goers around.

One of the most impressive things about The Uniun is how it seamlessly combines the old and the new in the way it is designed. The club uses the latest technology but still maintains its industrial appeal. Don’t forget to take a photo of the old-timey chandeliers and the other throwback trinkets and post them on the ‘Gram!

If you’re a fan of EDM, make sure to join Factory Fridays, where Toronto favorites DJs Manzone & Strong sometimes get to pay. But don’t worry, the party heats up every night, so you’re almost guaranteed to have a good time whenever you choose to go.


6. Figures Toronto

This hidden restaurant, tucked away behind a comic book shop facade is about to blow your mind. The front door (opened by pressing a big red button) enters into a comic-covered lobby, which leads to a split-level 80-seat restaurant filled with cartoon-themed work by local artists, including a Pac-Man light installation on the ceiling. A DJ booth is manned after dinner.

The action figures themed restaurant/lounge doesn’t stop there, after it’s last dinner seating around 10:00pm, it turns into one of the hottest party spots in the city. But the theme doen’t stop at the decor, they have themed cocktails, and even “special guest” appearances. But we won’t ruin the surprise for you. Go and check it out, you can thank us later.


7. EFS Social Club

EFS is a hotspot in the King West area that caters to trendy young professionals. Inspired by a piece of art, EFS stands for “Everything’s For Sale”. Complete with a large rooftop patio, EFS is the perfect summer nightspot to chill out and have drinks with friends.

An impressive 5000 square feet of functional indoor space. The one of a kind rooftop patio is lined with cozy cabana style seating around the parameter, rustic lanterns and distressed wooden tables. It’s truly the perfect downtown oasis to mingle the day away. This 2500 square foot space is complete with natural gas heaters, so you’ll still be able to enjoy all this gorgeous patio has to offer long into those colder nights.


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