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About Time; You Learn about the UK’s Best Paying Games

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Online casinos are a rage among UK gambling enthusiasts. As compared to their initial days, online casinos have advanced a lot and we can expect the same in the upcoming future. The number of online casino games available is nearly limitless; however, everybody tends to play those games where there is a considerable chance of winning some bucks. Regarding this, different people will have different opinions. While some are in favor of table games, others are in favor of slot games. Though in a majority of the cases, table games have a better payout as compared to slots, the same statement is not valid at all the occasions. If you are also in a fix regarding the best paying casino games, this post will be helpful to you as we have compiled here a list of UK’s best paying casino games for you.

However, before we proceed any further, you must know about two casino-related terms viz Payout Percentage (also known as RTP or Return to Player) and House Edge. RTP or Return to Player is a percentage of all the staked money that the casino game will pay back to the player over time. So, if a casino game comes with 95% RTP, it means that the game will return close to 95 bucks for every 100 bucks that have been put in. From here you can understand that more is the RTP, more are your chances of gaining a handsome payout. House Edge states how much a casino gets to keep from every buck that is wagered. So, if the RTP of a game is 95%, it means that the House Edge of the game is 5%. From here you can understand that less is the house edge, more are your chances of making it big from a casino game. RTP Source

Please note that RTPs are usually deciphered from millions of spins and is an average of all the resultant numbers from each spin. So, if you are expecting to make it big while playing a game for a short time, the results might not be as per your expectations as you can win 70% or even 150%. Moreover, each game demands experience and if you are a novice and just playing a casino game seeing the RTP, there are high chances that the results are far below your expectations.


List of UK’s Best Paying Casino Games

  1. Jacks or Better – Video Poker – RTP: 99.56%

If you love to play Poker, then immediately head over to GUTS online casino, as the Video Poker game – Jacks or Better present at the GUTS online casino, offers an RTP of 99.56% which is, unarguably, the highest, provided you are a good poker player and know your strategies well.

  1. Blackjack – RTP: 99.5%

Available on various online casinos, the well-known card game Blackjack provides an RTP close to 99.5%. Again, you require having a good strategy in your mind if you want to acquire the benefits of a high RTP of 99.5%. The coolest part about online Blackjack is that you can opt for a Live Dealer version as well wherein a live dealer deals the cards. Providing an experience closer to a brick-and-mortar casino, you can interact with other players as well in Live Dealer games.

  1. Mega Joker – RTP: Close to 99%

If you are into retro gaming, then you will love Mega Joker, which is a classic fruit machine style slot game. Before you head over to the Mega Joker slot game, you must know that the RTP of 99% includes the top bonus game or super mode and not the base game from the slot. However, it is not advisable and recommended to go for the super mode straightaway. Take your time playing and understanding the base game and keep on collecting credits. Once you have sufficient credits in hand, switch to Super Mode and enhance your winnings through an amazingly high RTP of 99%.

  1. Monopoly Big Event – RTP: 99%

The credit of designing the Monopoly Big Event slot goes to Barcrest. This slot game enjoys a high level of popularity as it provides an exceedingly high winning potential. However, before you start drooling over the Monopoly Big Event slot, you must know that this high winning potential and an RTP of 99% is offered only if you play in the Big Bet Mode, where you require buying 5 spins at a relatively higher price. The more you participate in the Big Bet Mode, the more are your chances of gaining entry into the bonus round. However, the Big Bet Mode is recommended only for those players who can play at high stakes.

  1. Blood Suckers – RTP: 98%

If you are a gambling enthusiast and a supernatural lover at the same time, then you will fall in love with Blood Suckers, an extremely popular slot game from Netent boasting of a vampire theme. Coming with an RTP of 98%, this slot comes with 25 win lines and has two bonus rounds viz Free Spins and Pick Them. In ‘Pick them’ bonus round, you get to unlock coffins and eliminate vampires for receiving a good number of credits. Please note that since meeting the wagering requirements is simple in this game, a majority of the casinos won’t allow you to play the game by bonus money. So, you have to invest real casino money if you wish to make considerable bucks and at the same time satisfy your love for the supernatural as well.

  1. Kings of Chicago – RTP: 97.8%

If you love playing slots and video poker, then you must try your hands on Kings of Chicago from Netent. This is an amazing casino game that brings you the best of both worlds viz slots and poker. There are five pay lines in the game and you have to make winning poker combinations to get a higher payout. The coolest part is that if you come across a joker, you will get a double payout. You can also win the free spins bonus round in this game.

  1. Devil’s Delight – RTP: 97.6%

Are you interested in monsters, the grim reaper, and the devil? If your answer is a ‘Yes’ then you will fall in love with the Devil’s Delight slot game from Netent. You can acquire a ‘Play Till You Win’ type bonus in this game and more time you put in playing the Devil’s Delight, your chances of gaining the exceedingly high payout Sin Spins bonus increase. The coolest part of this slot from Netent is that you can win significant bucks in the base game as well.

  1. Magicious – RTP: 97.6%

If you love magic and crazy gameplay then go for Magicious. Developed by Thunderkick and offering a high RTP of 97.6%, this slot comes with 10 win lines. If you have played Starburst, then you can immediately relate the same with Magicious as this slot game is hailed as a clone of Starburst offering faster gameplay.

Final Words

So, here we are at the conclusion of our list of the UK’s best paying casino games. Choose the game that interests you the most, if you only play on mobile you can find more info at 100 best mobile casinos. Happy Gambling!


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