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Mobile Games that Promote Mental Ability

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Since the beginning of time, mental games have helped us broaden our horizons, allowing us to think differently and make bold decisions. In this day and age, mobile devices are becoming a more integral part of our lives, and app developers are working hard to craft mobile games that challenge our minds as we enter the Information Age.

Keeping the Mind Sharp

Mobile devices have been a wonderful way for us to learn fascinating new things. Whether it’s googling a question and learning about a certain concept or exploring the world through Maps, the internet has opened up a whole new world for us. In fact, it seems as if we are constantly learning something new every day, from new languages to scientific discoveries and world news. 

The way we learn is also changing. As we absorb more information, it becomes more difficult to retain all that new knowledge. To stay on top, many people are starting to use brain-training apps, which are designed to help with cognitive training, critical thinking, and memory abilities.

Classic Games Go Mobile

Some games never get old. When it comes to classics like chess and poker, players welcome the opportunity to take on new challenges during their commutes or coffee breaks.


One of the most successful apps that have steadily increased since its inception is the Chess app, which allows people to connect with one another from all over the world to play the famed mental sport. Chess has been revered as one of the best games to practice strategy and critical thinking skills, where players have to think several steps ahead at all times to outwit their opponents. 

In the same vein, poker is another sure-fire way to increase critical thinking skills, which accompany us through the day, helping us to make tough, yet creative decisions. By playing poker in mobile, we also grow to make logical decisions over time, as well as gain a sense of refined concentration. This, in turn, gives a sense of peace and calm, as the game also trains players on the principles of patience.

Needless to say, playing classic mental games is a great way to take a break from a busy day while still exercising the mind’s capabilities.

Puzzles and Trivia Stimulate Synapses

Recently, apps like Lumosity have taken the world by storm with their cognitive training exercises. According to their studies, people have enjoyed higher memory retention, processing speed, and astuteness by playing for just a few minutes each day. 

Additionally, playing Trivia games is another creative way to learn something new and to even remember concepts that we had previously learned but forgotten about. That’s because they stimulate the frontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for memory function. Playing a bit each day is also a fun and interesting way to connect with others, as trivia often makes us recall pop culture memorabilia.

Whether it’s simple brain exercises or a trivia match, these games help the brain to remember interesting facts and share them with others.

Final Thoughts

Mobile games teach us new things every day. They also teach us unorthodox ways to solve problems and communicate. Classical games, for one, allow us to think outside the box and apply it to our daily lives. Meanwhile, puzzles and trivia stimulate memory and cognitive abilities to help us remember and connect with others.


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