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People often talk about how great the 80s were, and everyone around at that time seems to have been partying. The 80s were all about hopping from one party to the other, making overnight friends, and having a blast. Then came the 90s, and suddenly, people seemed to care a great deal about what they wore to work, bingo halls, housewarming parties, you name it. The glitz and glam became all the rage, and bingo lovers were not left behind in this wave. If you’re looking to step into a bingo hall and wow people with your retro style, now would be the time to wear what we now refer to as vintage. These classic pieces work for fun days out; evenings spent playing on with your friends, and casual events. Let’s get to it:

The Minimalist Approach

Do you remember what big hits the likes of Prada and Calvin Klein were in the 90s? They proved that dressing up did not always have to be an event – that you could make heads turn by adopting the simplest of approaches such as:

  • Stripes: Remember these?
  • Slip dresses
  • Gowns: Draping yourself in fabric was a glamorous touch to any event.

The Thrifty Look

The recession in the US paved the way for this look. It all started in Seattle when the bands began dressing up in flannel shirts and t-shirts coupled with a sweater. That’s what they could find in thrift shops, and they were not too particular about the clothes. So, once these bands became a hit in the UK, their followers adopted a similar dressing approach. And in no time, this form of dressing was the norm, with even non-band fans following suit.

How can you hack this look? It’s pretty easy. You can pop into any thrift store and grab a couple of flannel shirts and t-shirts. And no, the decade of the shirt does not matter. Then add a few jeans and boots to the ensemble and finish off with a sweater. You will look like you just walked out of a 90s magazine.


Or better yet, try:

  • Wrapping a sweater around your waist: This was a thing back then. Funny enough, people didn’t get around to wearing the sweater. It was an accessory of sorts.

  • Wearing some popper joggers: You can wear and take these off in moments. They are hard not to love.

  • Draping yourself in an oversized hoodie: For the best effect, go at least four sizes bigger.

The Earthy Vibe

While some people loved the bold colors in most 90s clothes, not everyone was down for this look. Some sought dressing that was more laid back and more in tune with their casual vibes. Moreover, environmentalists were hard at work, pushing for more sustainable clothing choices. To align with this vibe, you can always try:

  • Cashmere for a luxurious addition to your gameplay,
  • Hemp, linen, and other natural fibers free of chemical dyes. These are not only easy on the eyes but are also quite long-lasting.
  • Truffle skirts: As people were falling in love with F.R.I.E.N.D.S, they were also emulating the clothing choices on the show.
  • Flared pants: Have you noticed that these are back? Of course, finding bejeweled pants has become much harder but not impossible.

The Bold Approach

Showing skin was never out of the question in the 90s. And celebrities were quick to show us how to dress it up back then with:

  • Boob tubes: Did you own one of these back then?
  • Studded belts: Because ‘why not?’

To add to the pomp of bingo, you can add shag bands and embrace their loud presence. Their colors go hand-in-hand with the lively nature of bingo games. So, what are you willing to wear to your next bingo game?


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