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Gerry Dee Brings Laughter to Doritos Canada’s Super Bowl Commercial

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In a world where the Super Bowl reigns as premium real estate for over-the-top commercials, Canadians have often found themselves left on the sidelines.

Thanks to Doritos Canada, this year they’re changing the game so Canadians can join in on the action by teaming up with the one and only Gerry Dee. 

Dee, a renowned Canadian comedian and star of the project titles Mr. D, Animal Control, and Family Feud Canada, is bringing the commercial with Doritos to Canadian living rooms during the Super Bowl LVIII. The commercial promises a hilarious take on the iconic American ads that audiences have known and loved for years. And the excitement doesn’t end there; joining Dee in the comedic action is Amrit Kaur, star of the hit series The Sex Lives of College Girls. With her comedic charm and infectious energy, Kaur is sure to bring an added layer of hilarity to the commercial, making it a must-watch moment during the big game.

In an exclusive interview on the set with SWAGGER Magazine, Dee shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration. “Doritos is a favourite in my household, and as an actor, Super Bowl ads are the pinnacle of commercials. While I don’t often do commercials anymore, this was a special opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Doritos also consistently delivers great ads, so when I was asked, it was a quick and enthusiastic yes.” When asked about his favourite Doritos flavour, Dee didn’t hesitate. “Oh, Sweet Chili Heat. That’s literally in our house every week,” he said with a smile. 

The commercial itself is set to feature Gerry Dee and Amrit Kaur taking on the roles of talk show hosts as they provide commentary on the cliché Super Bowl ads that have become synonymous with the event. Reflecting on the concept behind the commercial, Dee shared, “We put our own spin on the typical American Super Bowl ad to share directly with Canadians.” And Dorito’s Canada isn’t stopping there. In addition to the hilarious commercial, the brand is bringing back its fan-favourite Sweet & Tangy BBQ flavour, which will add an extra layer of flavour to the Super Bowl festivities. With its bold and zesty taste, Sweet & Tangy BBQ is a must-have for watching the Big Game.

As Canadians prepare to indulge in the ultimate Super Bowl experience, Dee, who is gearing up for a busy year ahead, offered SWAGGER a glimpse into his game-day plans: “I’ll be watching it at home with Sweet Chili Heat and Sweet and Tangy BBQ, of course.”

With the countdown to the Super Bowl underway, Canadians can rest assured knowing their Super Bowl experience is about to get funnier, bolder, and a whole lot crunchier.

Catch Gerry Dee and Armit Kaur in their Doritos Super Bowl commercial, which will air during the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers game on Sunday, February 11th. So, grab your favourite Doritos, pick your team, and get ready to experience the magic of the Big Game like never before!


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