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Andrei Cutasevschi and Anna Vasina’s Dance Journey

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Ballroom dancing, often recognized as the epitome of elegance in sports, seamlessly weaves together grace, expressiveness, technical mastery, and a flair for acting.

Each perfectly  executed elegant movement showcased by a dancing couple is the culmination of an arduous journey marked by relentless dedication, countless hours of rigorous training, and significant personal sacrifices.

Among the standout pairs in this Olympic sport, Andrei Cutasevschi and Anna Vasina have carved a name for themselves. This duo, who began their partnership in 2019, has since captivated global audiences and judges with their exceptional chemistry and performances.

They are the reigning champions of the International Dance Festival and the UK Open, have clinched the position of vice-champions at the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival, and have been finalists at the WDC World Open.

Their triumph as champions at the USA Ultimate Team Match is just another mark of their skill and dedication.

Andrei and Anna’s journey is more than a list of titles.

They openly share the struggles they have faced, the core philosophy that underpins their approach to dance, and their aspirations for the future.

This inside look into their world offers a deeper understanding of what it takes to excel in the demanding yet rewarding realm of ballroom dancing.

The Journey to Success

Both Andrei and Anna, renowned dancers, have faced significant challenges in their lives. Andrei’s early years were spent in Transnistria, a region of Moldova not widely recognized. Despite facing financial hardships, he excelled in his studies and in dance.

At 16, he moved to Ukraine by himself to chase his dream. Andrei, influenced by his parents who are both doctors, first pursued their dream for him by enrolling in medical college.

But Andrei is strong-willed, that obvious passion for dance never left him, which was one of the best decisions he’d ever make and he dedicated every moment outside his studies to dance, competing and winning various titles.

His achievements include being a vice-world champion, a European and world champion, as well as a champion and vice-champion of Ukraine. He has dominated the sport.

Later, Andrei transferred to the University of Physical Culture and Sports in Kyiv to further his dance career and expand his knowledge.

Anna’s journey had its own set of hurdles. She moved from Donetsk to Kyiv with her family as a child. Later, due to the full-scale invasion by Russia, she had to relocate first to Poland, then to the United States.

Despite the upheaval and stress from moving, Anna’s creativity went from strength to strength.

Pursuing her passion academically, Anna enrolled in the Institute of Physical Education, focusing on teaching ballroom dancing.

Currently in her third year, Anna has been diligently working towards her ambitions.

Her efforts have led her to earn the prestigious title of Master of Sports of Ukraine and to achieve the position of vice-champion of Europe.


Formation of a Remarkable Duo

Andrei and Anna’s partnership began in 2019, mentored by acclaimed DanceSport coaches Maxim Bulany and Ekaterina Savitel. Andrei and Anna dedicated themselves fully to their training, they fully bought into the expertise of Maxim and Ekaterina, quickly showing impressive skills in competitions.

Judges have consistently praised this dance pair. They’ve noted the duo’s vibrant energy, artistic flair, technical precision, unique interpretation and choreography, and their ability to bring dramatic stories to life through dance, not skills that come easily.

Their talents have earned them accolades in various European contests, including the esteemed Blackpool Dance Festival in the UK, one of the premiere events for the popular British TV show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

With their eyes set on the next level, they continued their growth, Andrei and Anna have been making significant strides in the United States.

Their hard-work and dedication paid off spectacularly at the US Dance Championships in Orlando, Florida, in September 2023. There, they clinched the first-place title in the amateur ballroom category, showcasing their refined skills.

Transitioning from youth to amateur level, they achieved impressive scores of 56 and 41, further proving their professionalism and the emotional depth of their performances.

The Dance Philosophy of Andrei and Anna

In the world of ballroom dancing, much like other artistic sports, talent is a crucial ingredient.

Hard work and persistence are invaluable, but reaching the highest levels of mastery often begins with inherent potential. Andrei and Anna stand as a testament of this truth.

Their early potential was clear – from Anna’s remarkable flexibility to Andrei’s strength and elegant posture, coupled with their ideal physical proportions, creating a visually harmonious presence on the dance floor.

Guided by their coaches, Andrei and Anna polished their natural talents. They created a unique dance style, marked by wide, smooth movements and an energetic rhythm that really draws in the audience. Their performances are so full of energy that they grab everyone’s attention, this is what makes them championship level performers. They have a special way of making difficult dance moves look smooth and easy. Even the most complicated steps seem simple and fluid when they do them.

The DanceSport world has noticed the new and exciting techniques that Andrei and Anna use, like the impressive “Pop-up” and the tricky “Leg hook.” These moves really show off their creativity and skill, not only performing the most complicated of manoeuvres, but creating their own. Andrei and Anna always incorporate new techniques in their dance, which makes them stand out. Other dancers try to copy their style, especially the difficult “Leg hook” move they introduced. But it’s hard to do it as well as they do, they did invent it, and after all, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Their approach to dance goes beyond just the steps.

They pay a lot of attention to every part of their appearance, from their hair and makeup to their outfits and accessories. They carefully plan every detail to make sure their performances are memorable.

Continuous Improvement in Dance: Blending Technical Skill with Artistic Flair

Andrei and Anna’s journey in dance is marked by their relentless pursuit of growth and refinement in their technique, striking a delicate balance between academic discipline and artistic expression. Their dedication extends beyond mere practice; they seize every chance to absorb new knowledge and enhance their skills.

Their coaches, who have become akin to mentors and family, play a pivotal role in their development.

The duo actively participates in master classes conducted by some of the most esteemed ballet dancers in the world, including luminaries like Mirko Gozzoli, Arunas Bižokas, and Marcus Hilton.

However, their learning isn’t confined to the dance studio. Andrei and Anna understand that dance transcends technical proficiency; it’s an art form rich in emotion and storytelling. To truly captivate an audience, a dancer must embody the role of an actor, imbuing each movement with a depth of feeling and narrative. This ability to convey stories and emotions through dance is a key element of their success and distinguishes their performances.

Their approach to dance is holistic, recognizing the importance of both the physical and emotional aspects of their art. This comprehensive understanding of dance as both a technical skill and an expressive art form is what fuels their continuous improvement and contributes to their unique and mesmerizing performances.

Future Ambitions: Expanding Their Horizons Beyond Dance

Andrei and Anna have set their sights high for the future, with one of their primary objectives being to represent the United States in international dance competitions. They are now closer than ever to this goal and are putting in all their effort to make this dream a reality.

Their ambitions extend far beyond just competing.

As dancers with a true vision, they aspire to establish their own dance studio. Their aim is not just to teach dance but to leave a lasting impact on the world of dance and to be recognized as a top dance couple on an international level.

Amazingly, Andrei and Anna are also exploring the intersection of dance and technology.

They are interested in incorporating virtual reality in their training and performances, envisioning a future where technology enhances the art of dance and makes it more accessible to a wider audience – virtual reality could become the ultimate training tool.

Their journey is a testament to the power of talent, discipline, and unbelievable hard work in overcoming obstacles.

Andrei and Anna’s story is not just about their successes; it’s an inspiration, showing that even in tough times, pursuing your dreams is essential.

They stand as role models, encouraging others to stay committed to their art and to tirelessly work towards their goals.

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