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James Stewart is Producing Some of the Nation’s Most Impactful Campaigns

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From the heart of the film and commercial production world, James Stewart emerges as a producer to watch, with a story that weaves through the streets of Toronto and out onto the grand stages of global cinema.

His journey, from a curious boy in Toronto, mesmerized by the world through a camera lens, to orchestrating campaigns that captivate global audiences, James Stewart’s ascent in the industry is nothing short of cinematic itself. From his early days immersed in the technicalities of film sets to his rise as a revered producer, each chapter of his journey underscores his dedication to telling the stories that matter. 

Stewart’s professional saga began with his hands-on experience on film sets, where he honed his skills in the technicalities of filmmaking, hauling cables, rigging pipes, and even joining the camera team on the Oscar winning film “The Shape of Water”.

His versatility and dedication soon saw him transition from ground-level operations to leading major productions. His portfolio, a kaleidoscope of genres and styles, ranges from the acclaimed, Blacklist-featured film ‘Die in a Gunfight’ to captivating campaigns for billion-dollar brands like The Ritz-Carlton and Gillette. 

As striking as the commercial heights of James’ projects are, so too are the emotional depths. A crowning achievement in Stewart’s career is his role in the “Art of Conquering Cancer” campaign for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. This campaign, more than a professional endeavor, was a personal mission for Stewart, aligning with his profound belief in the power of narrative. Under his stewardship, the campaign transcended its promotional role, becoming a crucial element in the Foundation’s fundraising efforts and resonating deeply across Canada.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is globally renowned for its groundbreaking research and treatment in the fight against cancer. As a world-leading cancer research facility under the royal patronage of Anne, Princess Royal, the Foundation has a storied history of innovation and excellence. Its mission to lead the world in understanding, diagnosing, and treating cancer has positioned it at the forefront of medical research.

James’ involvement in the campaign stands as a testament to his sought-after skill set as a producer and his commitment to impactful storytelling. The campaign, aimed at capturing the intersection of art, science, and human emotion, saw James navigating the nuances of production with a balance of sensitivity and strategic acumen.

“Leading the ‘Art of Conquering Cancer’ campaign was a profoundly moving experience. It was an opportunity to merge art, science, and human emotion into a narrative that not only raised awareness but also fostered a sense of hope and resilience,” Stewart reflects. 

Directed by Sagi Kahane-Rapport and masterfully captured by cinematographers Darrell Wonge, Matt Bendo, and Nina Djacic, the campaign was a masterclass in visual storytelling. The team’s combined expertise brought to life a campaign that blended artistic vision with a message of hope and resilience, striking a chord with audiences and resonating deeply across Canada.

Amidst the profound challenges of a global pandemic, Stewart expertly steered the “Art of Conquering Cancer” campaign through the complex and sensitive environment of a fully operational hospital. Demonstrating critical leadership ability, James navigated through an unforeseen COVID-19 scare within his crew, swiftly and seamlessly reorganizing the entire production to resume the very next day without compromising anyone’s safety. James’ approach to filmmaking is poignantly captured in his mantra, “There are no crises, only problems, and every problem has a solution.” 

Under James’ stewardship, the “Art of Conquering Cancer” campaign transcended its role as a promotional piece, becoming a pivotal element in the Foundation’s journey to raise millions in funding. The campaign’s success in garnering national attention and generating substantial funds was a clear indicator of its commercial and philanthropic triumph. 

The campaign achieved national recognition, resonating deeply with audiences across Canada. Its extensive exposure through various media channels, including theatrical, billboards and digital platforms, highlighted Stewart’s ability to produce content with a lasting impact. James has developed a reputation as a producer who not only runs a set but uplifts the soul of the story being told.

James remains a producer to watch, a visionary shaping the art of impactful storytelling. As he looks toward the future, Stewart’s vision is to continue breaking new ground in film and commercial production, championing stories that inspire, challenge, and transform. His journey reminds us that in the realm of creative arts, the true measure of success is not just in the scale of the projects completed, but in the stories brought to life and the hearts touched along the way.


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