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Why Does America Love Binging on This Audio Platform?

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Audio is one of the oldest forms of entertainment.

From live music to radio and online streaming, audio entertainment has experienced a massive evolution over the years, especially within the past decade, and the latest transformation in audio entertainment is the beginning of the audio series. 

A recent survey conducted in the United States revealed the top three reasons why people tend to prefer listening to audio series: its storytelling capabilities, convenience, and the diversity of content it offers. In short, audio storytelling provides a tremendous way for listeners to escape from the world and let their imaginations run free.

Recent trends have seen podcasts become a dominant form of not just audio entertainment but entertainment in general. Edison Research’s 2022 Infinite Dial report found that 73% of the United States population aged 12 or older had listened to online audio entertainment in the last month — an increase from 68% in 2021. This means that there are currently more than 209 million people listening to podcasts in the United States, not to mention around the world.

Because of this rapidly growing audience for audio content, new platforms are emerging to revolutionize the industry. The disruptor here is Pocket FM, a content platform building entertaining fictional storytelling in an episodic manner that claims to have pioneered the audio series format since 2021. With a library of over 1,500 such long-form episodic fiction series, Pocket FM has skyrocketed in popularity since launching in the US last year, now expanding to a global audience, with users spending over 150 minutes daily on its high-quality, must-listen content.

How “binge listening” is revolutionizing the audio content space

Pocket FM’s platform is designed to support the behavior of “binge listening.” Much like people sit on their couch and watch episode after episode of their favorite series on a streaming service like Netflix, Pocket FM replicates the pattern with its users getting entertained episode after episode for hours. With a popular saying in mind, “Eyes are busy, ears are free,” Pocket FM takes advantage of this convenience and offers personalized entertainment without requiring screen attention. 

Part of what makes Pocket FM stand out compared to other entertainment platforms is its robust library, which contains numerous shows across genres tailormade for binge entertainment. People looking for their next obsession — something they can consume for hours, whether they are commuting to and from work or are simply trying to decompress after a long day or staying attentive while they are at work — have plenty of binge-worthy content to choose from on Pocket FM that will satiate their listening cravings.

This wide breadth of content also ensures that the Pocket FM has something for everyone, regardless of their preferences. Their shows come in various genres, including horror, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, suspense, mythology, and more, giving listeners virtually any type of storytelling they could want.

Hit, binge-worthy audio series

The tremendous reception that Pocket FM’s series have had speaks for itself. Just look at the user ratings for some of their most popular shows on IMDb and their listener data. Take “Insta Millionaire,” for example. The riveting drama boasts over 100 million monthly listeners, with more than 6 billion minutes streamed monthly. With more than 1,000 episodes, “Insta Millionaire” is by far Pocket FM’s most popular series, getting more and more listeners hooked each month.

Other well-received and popular audio series on the platform include “Saving Nora,” “The Vampire System” and “The Return.” These are all fan-favorite series with high ratings, “The Return” having the highest acclaim of the bunch with a 9.6 out of 10 on IMDb. These are just a few of the many binge-worthy series available on the platform, running the gamut of whatever type of storytelling listeners could want.

More power to the users — Pocket FM brings that pricing flexibility

Pocket FM also stands out thanks to its unique and flexible payment structure. Unlike other entertainment platforms,  users are not required to pay any monthly or annual subscription fee to access the content. In contrast, Pocket FM operates on a “freemium” model, meaning that a select number of episodes are made available for free, and users can purchase additional episodes through in-app purchases. According to the survey, 32% of Americans prefer this flexibility in content pricing and rating audio series better than any other entertainment format.

It’s clear that audiences are looking for new and innovative ways to consume audio content, and Pocket FM’s binge-listening approach to audio fiction series evolved as a differentiated proposition in the crowded entertainment space. There is a reason why the app’s users tend to spend hours listening to the latest hit audio drama. With a vast library of high-quality content that caters to any listener’s whims, Pocket FM is truly becoming the platform of choice in the entertainment space. 


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