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Paola Paulin: Actress, Producer, and financier presents a new film at Cannes Film Festival as an Executive Producer on Rumours, starring Cate Blanchett

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Paola Paulin’s latest film, Rumours, will be debuting at the Cannes Film Festival this spring.

Paola is an Executive Producer on the highly anticipated project, which stars Cate Blanchett. Paulin started her career as an actor, scoring notable roles on HBO’s hit series, Ballers, and The Tax Collector. Recently, Paulin has delved into the production and business side of the industry, launching her company Paula Paulin Ventures, of which she is the Founder and President. The company’s mission is to blend creative passion with financial discipline to find projects that present win-win opportunities for both financiers and filmmakers alike. 

As an Executive Producer, Paola Paulin endeavors to make her projects stand out. Given her track record, Paulin has been able to bring valuable equity and gap financing to projects featuring talented A-List actors and remarkable storytelling. While Paola has been tracking the recent changes across the film-financing landscape, she has always been drawn to elevated storytelling as the foundation of any worthwhile project.  

Paola Paulin’s other significant projects as an Executive Producer include Birthday Cake, starring Ewan McGregor and recent Golden-Globe Winner, Jeremy Allen White, and On Our Way featuring Vanessa Redgrave. 

Paulin credits much of her success to her background “starting as a diplomat for the Colombian government and working hard to earn a business degree.” She adds, “I feel so passionate and lucky to combine my creative and business-side as an Executive Producer and to help great stories come to life.” 

Paulin’s background as a diplomat has imbued her with a unique perspective on international relations and multifaceted cultural dialogues, a skillset she often translates to the creative field. This background in particular made her perfectly suited to appreciate the sociopolitical undercurrents in Rumours, which has been described as a pitch-black satire on international diplomacy. 

Keeping busy as an actress as well, Paulin has two films coming up later this year in which she is playing powerful female characters and performing her own stunts. As a burgeoning talent, Paulin’s career looks to be on the ascent within the entertainment industry.


Photo Credits: Jake Isham



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