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YouTube’s Top Artist, CG5, is Set to Release Latest Hit “Forbidden Feeling” on Friday, May 10th 2024

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CG5, the celebrated YouTube artist behind viral hits and gaming-inspired anthems, is set to release his latest single, “Forbidden Feeling,” on Friday, May 10th, via VMG across all territories.

A music video will be set to premiere simultaneously with the song’s release.

Following the success of his previous single “Sleep Well,” CG5 continues to push boundaries with “Forbidden Feeling,” showcasing a more personal and pop-oriented side of his artistry. The track, co-written and produced by Grammy-winning producer/songwriter iLL Wayno, promises to mark a new era for CG5, known for his engaging and diverse musical repertoire.

Charlie states, “I struggled for years with relationship anxiety, it made me feel that all of my feelings were forbidden, or that whatever person I was with was forbidden. When I finally decided to lean into my feelings and not overthink them, I was able to love. And now I’m married!”

Noteworthy about CG5’s recent trajectory are his staggering social and streaming achievements, with over 2.54 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 7 million subscribers on YouTube, and a dedicated following across platforms including TikTok and Instagram. This growth underscores CG5’s expanding influence and appeal beyond his core fanbase. Drawing inspiration from ‘70s and ‘80s pop icons like Hall & Oates and the Doobie Brothers, CG5 has amassed over a billion views on YouTube and garnered acclaim for his original compositions and adaptations of popular culture phenomena.

Photographer: Mikey L’Heureux

With “Forbidden Feeling,” CG5 aims to broaden his audience and establish a foothold in mainstream pop culture, building upon his past successes.

For more information and updates on CG5, visit his YouTube Channel (@cg5) and follow him on Instagram (@cg5beats).

Photographer: Charlie Sigmund / Editor: Dash McDonald

About CG5:

CG5 (born Charlie Green) is a name you may recognize from the iconic “Probably because I am CG5” TikTok sound, seen and liked by millions. The 24-year-old singer/songwriter and music producer is from Arizona and has an impressive organic viral following, well known for his popular YouTube channel which touts over 7.08 Million subscribers. His channel has obtained over 2.3 BILLION views making CG5 one of the platform’s leading music creators. To date, CG5 has amassed over 1.2 billion worldwide streams on Spotify alone accompanied by 2+ Million monthly listeners, and has over 400+ Million streams from his singles; THX, Lonely King, 4GET, Dancin,’ Vibrant Eyes, Good To Be Alive, & I See a Dreamer. In addition, you can find over 7.6 Million video creations on TikTok based on his songs, with 3.6 Million followers on the platform.

Charlie captivates fans with his original compositions, remixes, and covers inspired by viral memes, TV shows, original concepts, and video games such as, Dream SMPFive Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF)Cuphead,Among Us, etc. His YouTube channel found its stride in 2017, driven by the success of his FNaF tracks like “I Got No Time (Remix),” “Labyrinth,” and the Bendy and the Ink Machine-inspired track “Amen,” establishing him as a FNaF community pioneer. Simultaneously, his single “Absolutely Anything,” boasting over 7.2 Million video creations, was hand-picked by Warner Music Group’s imprint label Spinnin’ Records for redistribution—in turn, marking the artist’s first commercial success. Today, Charlie is preparing for his upcoming international tour, and is working on new music & exciting projects that he will be ready to share with his audience soon.

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