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Sammy Adams: Steady Risin’ to the Top of Pop-Hop

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By Marcus Johnson-Smith

Cambridge, Massachusetts is a haven-home to some of the most brilliant and talented human beings on earth. From Harvard to MIT, to West Cambridge to the Coast, to the White House (see President Barack Obama) the talent pool in Cambridge has no limits. This rings true for one of our long time homies, and Cambridge breaddren, Rapper, Songwriter and Performer, Sammy Adams.

We recently caught up with our homie whose in Brooklyn, the place he now calls home, to talk new music, how he’s holding up during the Corona Virus quarantine and other random shit, lol.

Read the interview below and catch up on his new music as well.  

Let’s check in with our guy Sammy Adams…

Kush Groove:Talk to us about the single, the title and what inspired this new release??

Sammy Adams: Man I’ve had this song for kind of a minute … since quarantine got everybody in the crib, I decided no better time then right now to drop some new shit. “ON MY OWN” has an OG Boston’s Boy feel w/the bars and catchy hook, Decap and Gyrefunk blessed me w/the production and I tee’d off on it. It’s inspired by being independent, successful, and not needing a machine to move a record or your career. 

Kush Groove: What you been smoking lately?

Sammy Adams: Haaaaa.  A couple ounces of some FIRE ghost train haze my boy in Colorado plugged me with. Shit be having me zooted but super up and creative.

Kush Groove: You’ve been doing music for a while now since your middle school days back in Cambridge. Your music has obviously matured since when you first got started back in Cambridge. Talk to us about some of the highlights of your creative work over the years and where you want to take your music today, with the release of “On My Own”. 

Sammy Adams: Back in the day I was solely focused on being a producer, so the turn to spit and sing over my own beats was just an experiment, but it popped. Music has taken me to every state in the country except Hawaii, even sold out El Colliseo in Puerto Rico, and Madison Square Garden with Enrique Iglesias, which never even seemed possible at the start. Creatively I moved from being indie, to Sony RCA, but left after 2 years of being there (no bad blood). Since then, touring, writing, producing, and creating has been going up again and all on my own terms. “On My Own” is a perfect example of a record that they probably wouldn’t have released or chosen as a single, but it’s performing better than anything I think they would have wanted to put out. I have a sound – the feel good vibe, lyrics followed by poppier chorus’ – that’s always resonated with people so that’s where my head is right now. As an artist I just want to create, create, create so it’s hard sometimes to not want to just immediately want to drop whatever the newest bop you’ve finished is.

Kush Groove: Tell us a bit about some of the other industry collaborations you’ve done and some of your most memorable creative moments with your collaborators?

Sammy Adams: I worked w/ Currensy (Spitta) briefly and dropped two fire verses on “Jets Over Boston” and “Walk with These.” I got joints w Styles P, Method Man, Mike Posner, Enrique Iglesias, Afrojack, and mad others but one stood out the most. I collaborated with one of my biggest idols, Pharrell down in Miami for a few weeks and it was crazy. Dude is like a walking crystal ball of wisdom, so that was definitely a blessing. Me and P have kept in touch after his crazy revamping of his career as an artist, so maybe it’s time to let y’all here it lol.

Kush Groove: That’s wassup! How have you become inspired to create music during the quarantine?

Sammy Adams: I had writers block the first month of lockdown. Mad fucking annoying, but you gotta have other hobbies and things to pass time, so you can totally wipe the fact that you’re not IT right now… period. It came back once I got back in my studio in NYC and it’s been amazing since. Weird times, but it’s amazing if you can get dialed. 

Kush Groove: Anything else you have cooking up you want to share with your fans?

Sammy Adams: I have been super inspired during the quarantine because I love making music so when I have nothing but time on my hands I can just go in and create. I have a home studio set up and I have been producing beats a lot more on fruity loops. Look forward to a bunch of new self produced music!

Kush Groove: Anything else you have cooking up you want to share with your fans?

Sammy Adams: I got a song coming out w my ace Tim North from the 6. Got a crazy beat from @mybestfriendjacob_ and it goes off. LOTS of other releases on the books but not locked yet so ima keep it low! Other than that I got a vault full of heat just plotting wisely!

Sammy Adams Social Media: @sammyadams

  • Tiktok:mintyburns

Sammy Adams is featured in Kush Groove Clothing & Accessories

Interview originally appeared on KushGroove Blog


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