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The Numbers Don’t Lie for Bobby Dee Presents

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When asked about the best way to build your clients trust, Bobby Dee answered, “Through proven results.” Bobby Dee knows a thing or two about results in his 33-year career as founder of the entertainment company Bobby Dee Presents. Bobby Dee is now walking in his father’s footsteps, attempting to take his business to unthinkable heights.

The mission of Bobby Dee Presents is “to exceed our guests’ expectations and continue to evolve with music and live performances.” Bobby Dee said his objective is to provide guests with an unforgettable life experience. Bobby Dee Presents was founded in 1987 and has been providing some of the best shows across Southern California before expanding across the United States. “I curate and produce concerts and festivals throughout the United States and internationally. I also manage and am the booking agent for several high-profile artists,” Bobby Dee said about what his work entails. That is what they do, but where are they going? “We are going to continue to exceed everyone’s expectations and will eventually manage international artists,” Bobby Dee said. He is an ambitious man who already works with promoters such as AEG and Live Nation and has partnerships with top artists such as Snoop Dogg. However, Bobby Dee always has the vision to go bigger.

His company makes multimedia content to promote shows and concerts to their Facebook community of over 40,000 people (about twice the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden). He has also racked up a following of over 42,000 followers on Instagram as well. Bobby Dee Presents is versatile: not only do they promote concerts and festivals, but they are also a talent and management firm as well. Bobby Dee explains that one of their biggest strengths is their independence. “The fact that we are independently owned and operated and that we make our own decisions is what separates us from our competition,” Bobby Dee said.

The future for Bobby Dee Presents entails some make up concerts and time with one of his biggest inspirations: Snoop Dogg. When talking about his plans for the near future, Bobby Dee said he has, “A four-year residency with Snoop Dogg and the redo of all our postponed festivals due to COVID-19.” One of the biggest concerts that has already been rescheduled is Un Concierto Que Hara Historia, Dos Culturas Una-Union, Featuring Snoop Dogg, and BANDA MS on stage together for the most beautiful clash of cultures. Tickets are still on sale for Banda MS y Snoop Dogg en Concierto.

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