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How To Find the Right Business Partner in 2022? – Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Inventor and Entrepreneur Explains

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Taking care of “Your Business” is akin to having a baby… 24/7 care is an absolute necessity! You must feel strongly and confident, in any partner you’ve chosen, to assist in providing the proper care in developing it. Naturally, an ideal candidate is someone who excels in this, so as to provide your child/business with the same level of expertise and care, as you would expect from yourself! In addition to this, their ambition, enthusiasm and work ethics level should emphatically align with yours… so as not to conflict!


Partners in business are not much different than spousal partners, not for loves sake but for business. This hits the mark for an on-target analogy since the term in business as a mate is Partner versus lover. Both will make serious and long-term decisions. Beginning a business, or expanding an established one can be exhilarating, but it’s of, the utmost importance, that you treat the selection of your partner with the same gravitas, of choosing one’s life-long mate.

Kenneth W. Welch, Jr. inventor, entrepreneur, visionary, and C.E.O. of Global Oceanic Designs and SeaDog Systems Inc. knows this as well as anyone should. Finding an accomplished and trustworthy business partner who provides confidence in the company’s longevity and success was extremely important to him. And even more so, finding a partner aligned with the specific knowledge of his industry, in addition to agreement in the company’s overall vision and resources required to succeed, was equally crucial.

Mr. Welch’s in-depth knowledge of the “Unlocked” power of the sea, led him to pioneer new methods, breaking the bonds and setting it free… so he sought unleashing its greatest secrets, which was the understanding of its movements called waves upon the waters.  The mysterious powers of the waves led to his discovery in harnessing their energy through buoyancy and displacement like no others, providing high pressure pumping systems that could be used for things like hydroelectric power and dam-free energy, in addition to desalination and other uses of high-pressure pumping applications. He named the final version of his proprietary system the “SeaDog Wave Energy Carousel” (originally known as the SeaDog Wave Pump).

His company, SeaDog Systems, Inc., created the SeaDog Wave Pump. This technology uses the up and down movements of the waves to produce potential and kinetic energy, a synchronized process designed to move pressurized liquids/gases that in turn develop a plethora of usable applications.

The implications of the widespread usage of his hydropower technologies, through its studies and deployment, have shown that it yields energy that is measurably more efficient, cheaper, and cleaner than solar, wind, or fossil fuels… without the long-term environmental damage that these other energy systems cause! This would mean, not only hydropower fueled electric grids, but clean water filtration systems without brine discharge hazards, along with the ability to exploit the massive untapped deep-sea exploration possibilities, via subsea habitats, transportation systems and more.

This is made possible by its flexibility to move high pressure gasses, such as breathable air, for underwater life support, a vital necessity in living beneath the waves.

Throughout Mr. Welch’s career, he has invented many similar technologies that range from cutting-edge renewable wave energy conversion systems to onshore and offshore infrastructure and transportation systems, like his air and water motor technology that converts high-pressure gas reduction into usable energy. With this impressive résumé, it became imperative for Mr. Welch to link with an equally ambitious inventor, visionary and partner.

“I knew I needed to find someone who could see this massive global mission through for generations, with the capacity and experience to implement infrastructure scale projects featuring these sustainable, revolutionary, structural and energy-driven systems,” Mr. Welch says. “I needed someone with very specific knowledge, experience, and readiness.” 

That’s where Georg Engelmann, C.E.O. and President at Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. came into the picture. Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. was developed to commercialize and license the technologies of the founding companies, Global Oceanic Designs and SeaDog Systems Inc. “Mr. Engelmann’s diverse knowledge in offshore and ocean energies supported by his academic education in engineering and project management, set the stage for a perfect alliance with the companies’ products and projects in alternative technologies. Georg’s expertise and pedigree for nearly 30 years in energy and infrastructure, with companies like Shell Oil, bp, JP Kenny (now Wood Group) and Coflexip-Stena Offshore (now Technip) was a perfect fit.

Mr. Welch says. “I knew I found the ideal candidate after understanding his breadth of knowledge and our shared investment and passion for new technologies capable of healing our planet.”

A significant component of a potential business partner is the knowledge and expertise they provide. Impressive experience in a similar industry or business offers the kind of confidence that turns a potential partner into your best bet. 

Partners who share the same values and vision make for a strong pair. Mr. Welch and Mr. Engelmann both have an insatiable desire to bring realistic sustainability and renewable energy options to the world. Having similar values improves communication, allowing partners to set goals and push their business forward with the least amount of conflict or hiccups between them.

“An essential, and perhaps the most important aspect of a partner/partnership is… Trust!” Mr. Welch states; “I trust Georg Engelmann because of our shared values and friendship. A potential business partner that you have second thoughts about, whether it be their morals or an instinctual feeling about them, is a major red flag. Build companies with people you trust, believe in and most importantly, admire!”

Mr. Welch and his business partner, Mr. Engelmann, share the goal of establishing the foundation for a “new basis of energy, commerce, industry, and leisure ‘driven’ by the thrust of the Blue Economy.” The partner’s company, Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., along with its development team encompasses more than a “Century” of Offshore Energy Development and Infrastructure, bringing offshore technologies to fruition and implementation.

“I’m prepared to repurpose and leverage all of the industrial fabric of the coastal economies,” Mr. Engelmann says. “And do what it takes to develop and deploy Mr. Welch’s offshore tech into the world.”

Mr. Welch and Mr. Engelmann’s momentous collaboration will now see Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. develop and deploy Mr. Welch’s inventions into the modern energy industry.

This exciting endeavor is made possible only by the pair’s careful selection of each other and its affiliates, friends, confidants, and business partners.



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