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Moe Rock and the Swagger of Leadership

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Today on Swagger Magazine we have taken time to pick the brain of a man who is going to share with us insights on leadership, success and business growth. Moe Rock is the author of the new book Lead by Example and has made a name for himself in the personal and business development circuit as an evangelist for leadership principles. Among other things he is an example of reinvention, after making a name for himself as a Producer he branched out into consulting for Corporate America, Investing in technology companies and eventually becoming the Publisher of the Los Angeles Tribune.
We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

SM: Moe Rock, Thank you for your time. Our first question is as an entrepreneur, what is it that motivates and drives you?

Moe Rock: My pleasure thank you for having me. I started my career as an artist and still see myself that way. It does not matter if it is in the world of business, on a canvas or writing a song – creating something out of nothing so to say is a process I am genuinely in love with. This creativity and passion for creating is my fuel, motivation and drive.

SM: What would you say are the key elements for starting and running a successful business?

Moe Rock: Having the long term vision in mind – people often overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in five. Additionally, no one can become successful without the right people or person around them. Warren Buffet needed Charlie Munger, Jobs needed Wozniak. Disney needed a group of creative minded people. It may be one person or a team but you have to have the right people around you. And having the talent, ability and vision to pick who those people are is something you must have in your skill deck.

SM: Next week you will be sharing the stage with Sharon Lechter, co-author or “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” , David Meltzer and others – what can we expect from the two day event?

Moe Rock: There will be many legends that are going to be sharing tools, resources and knowledge on the leadership. I believe it is clear that now more than ever before we as a global community need to embrace leadership with a new kind of leader. The way of the past just isn’t working out and we need to reform that. This event will be one of many catalysts of change the world needs to lead financially, physically, mentally, relationally and spiritually.

SM: What is the main takeaway you hope your readers leave with after finishing your latest book?

Moe Rock: Anyone that knows me or my work knows I’m pretty big on gratitude. I believe it is a powerful tool beyond peoples general understanding. Gratitude is the foundation of a successful and fulfilled life it is also a foundation for a better planet. That may sound like hyperbole on the surface but I assure you it is not. Anyone who has read my book will understand the power of gratitude to lead your life and lead your business.

SM: Where can people find more of your work and what final words of swagger (and leadership) do you have for our readers?

Moe Rock: I can be found on Instagram, Twitter or my official site. My final words are to simply encourage readers to live with gratitude this will foster a power you never knew was possible in your life personally and professionally. Everyone has something to be grateful for, it could be the eyes you are using to read this interview or the ears to hear the podcast! Live your life and be magnificent!


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