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With summer at its peak and outdoor enthusiasts on their bikes, it is time to consider polarized sunglasses as a necessary commodity at your arsenal to combat against a plethora of eye problems such as itchiness, blurry vision etc.

With its widespread popularity and engaging discounts from trending websites along with lurking coupons such as  Zenni optical coupons, Ashley Stewart coupons,  it’s clear that a time for a new change has arrived.

Before we begin with knowing everything there is to know about Polarized glasses, let’s get familiar with the Polarized sunglasses buyer’s guide to specifically frame it’s audience.

Why to choose Polarized Sunglasses?

For outdoor enthusiasts, polarized sunglasses have arrived in the form of the greatest boon in terms of their everyday’s work chores to work against constant squinting, eye fatigue and consequential watering, blurred vision and distorting of the outdoor colors.

However, you need not worry about facing these persistent issues hampering your outdoor activities with the advent of polarised sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses perform the function of eliminating intense light glare through providing a special chemical coated filter within their glasses which prevents horizontal light from reflecting directly onto the eyes.  Not only it protects your eyes from harmful rays and allows a greater relief for constant gaze frustration but also these are handy at jaw dropping offers from a plethora of spectacle stores, such Zenni Opticals, Belk, Ashley stewart that straight help you a vigorous saving through grotesque offers. For example, flat $50 off on Lane Bryant coupons etc. Hence, it’s advisable that you must scout for brilliant discounts first before finalizing the purchase. 

However, let’s digress now a little and explore why we should prefer a polarized sunglass above all:

  • Glare Resistant

Polarized sunglasses help in eliminating the intense glare that comes from the reflected horizontal light waves. The chemical coated molecules within it, filter harmful rays and eventually reflect these back. Therefore, become soothing gaze and eye comfort.

  • The Clarity in Vision

The objects and images in polarized glasses look crisper and clearer and make all detailed imagery easier to see. The imagery further appears to be a bit darker than usual but it helps in ensuring visual clarity in arenas of brighter lights. 

  • Color Visibility

Polarized glasses improve color contrast ensuring proper visibility of colors against non-polarized glasses. There is minimal color distortion in the case of light colors like yellow, gold, rose, amber and in bright surroundings.

  • Precautions from accidents and mishaps

Ground reflected rays cause a lot of interference with the vision at times of high focus requirements like driving, skiing and other sporting activities. To avoid accidents or mishaps, by failing to see what is in front, polarized sunglasses are a must to carry.

  • Comfort in style

A considerable amount of eye fatigue reduction has been observed by using polarized glasses. These reduce the consistent eye strain and other related problems as compared to regular sunglasses.

  • Protection from dangers of intense glare

Long-term exposure to intense sun glare can truly be hampering delicate eye ecosystems which further lead to problems like cataracts and even sunburns. Polarized sunglasses are essential when it comes to shielding the eyes from these dangers by eliminating glare effects.

  • Safeguarding light-sensitive people

Polarized sunglasses are crucial for people who are inherently light-sensitive or have had eye surgery for a disease like cataract or even laser vision correction surgery. The continuous exposure of light is minimised safeguarding these people from escalating problems.

  • Protection from eye damage by UV rays 

Although earlier polarized sunglasses did not perform UV light absorption functions, but at present, most polarized sunglasses are combined with UV blocking substance which helps protect our eyesight not just from sun’s glare but also from its harmful radiations.

Hence, I’m sure you must be confirmed of versatile performances of polarized sunglasses. Hence, it’s time to pick one of these from a sundry of variations in terms or color and so.

Things to keep in mind while choosing Polarized Lenses

  • Tints:

Tints are basically hues in which you see your vision and add to your drive to look good. Tinted polarized sunglasses complement your summer trends apart from serving a variety of purposes. You can avail polarized glasses with a variety of tints ranging from sunglass variants to fashion variants using Zenni Optical promo codes that are redeemable with lucrative discounts from $6.25 to $29.25, and so on.

  • UV Protection: 

Polarized glasses, if paired with good UV protection, can help block radiations, reducing the harmful impact on your eyes from the blinding sun glare like UVA, UVB, UVC, unlike a simple polarized one. You can get UV protected polarised sunglasses with a three-point fit at Oakley ensuring comfort, performance and protection.

  • Light Transmission levels: 

Some folks confuse Polarized sunglasses as dark shade sunglasses, which is not true. Light transmission is an altogether different concept than polarisation. Generally, light transmission of about 10-30%, blocking 70-90% of rays, is considered adequate. Polarized sunglasses from a variety of premium brands having different light transmission levels can be availed from GlassesUSA, which further provides you with a delightful deal of 65% off on your first purchase along with free shipping.

  • Non-Prescription and Prescription levels:

A non-prescribed simple sunglass for regular use or a prescribed one  which eliminates vision or progressive correction along with enhancing distance effectiveness can be grabbed from Warby Parker with a range of style from gradient to flashy with free shipping and home trial option available.

  • Scratch Resistant: 

Polarized sunglasses with added scratch-resistant coating are also available. Though the anti-scratching coating is never 100% scratch-proof, it does work in preventing and dealing with minor scratches that can happen on a daily basis causing damage to the lens and vision impairment. The scratch-resistant polarized sunglasses can be grabbed from Amazon from a variety of brands.

Whom are Polarized Sunglasses not for?

Though available as prescription glasses, Polarized Sunglasses are yet to be recommended for use for reading and seeing on LCD screens. Anyone who reads quite often and has to work on a laptop or watch screens for a living should consult their doctors as polarized sunglasses are detrimental to low light situations. Even looking from windows from an indoor setting can cause an issue, so if you fit into any of these categories, consult your ophthalmologist before using Polarized Sunglasses for any of the given purposes.

So it is clear, Polarized sunglasses are not just one of a handful of options in sunglasses, but essentially are one of the best options to add to one’s utilities for anyone who is spending a lot of their time outdoors to add to their glare and UV-ray defense arsenals.


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