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Culinary Chronicles with Jeremy Potvin: Unleashing the Chef Within

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For years, tech start-up founder Jeremy Potvin has been told he’s an incredible cook and he should open a restaurant.

While he doesn’t see restaurants in his future, Potvin’s love of cooking has made quite an impression on those close to him. What started as a way to unwind after busy days spent with investors and software engineers, has slowly developed into an active community following his every move.

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“I’ve always posted on Instagram about my cooking,” said Potvin. “Then, a few weeks ago, I posted a series of stories while making butter chicken for my family and the next morning I woke up to almost 50 messages requesting the recipe!”

That got the wheels turning, and a few weeks later, Jeremy Potvin Cooking was born: a twice-weekly newsletter and Substack community. 

According to Potvin, the burgeoning community comprised members who have a wide variety of skills and knowledge when it comes to cooking. 

“From professional chefs to people who claim they “burn everything”, this community is for you,” said Potvin.

Jeremy Potvin

Every Wednesday, newsletter subscribers get a shopping list and recipes delivered to their inboxes. Then, on Friday evenings, Potvin cooks that week’s featured meal and posts stories to Instagram. Community members are invited to tune in, ask questions, and get advice from the self-proclaimed ‘at home chef’. 

“It’s about selecting perfect ingredients, investing the time, and not being scared to make mistakes,” said Potvin. “Plus, I’m here to guide the people who are worried about making mistakes and help them feed their families new and interesting meals.”

In addition to the newsletter, Potvin is bringing his community to Substack, a platform that combines blogging with email newsletters and will act as an archive for all of his recipes – think a cookbook, but digital. 

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The Jeremy Potvin Cooking Substack contains everything from recipes –  with detailed instructions – and videos plus larger projects like how to can tomatoes, make homemade pizza and sourdough bread, or sharpen your knives to make them last a lifetime. 

The weekly newsletter recipes will always be free. And if you want full access to the Substack it’s only $5/month.

“I’m so excited to share the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years with this community. It’s so rewarding to help people feed their families great meals.”

You can sign up for the twice-weekly free newsletter, at


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