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Rotisserie BBQs Is Your Meat’s Mate

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If you’re going to have a big cookout in the backyard, you want to have delicious food and the best grill. But most people won’t want to eat burgers and hot dogs every time they come over, and you don’t want to be a one-trick pony either.

RotisserieBBQS serve as an outdoor kitchen, BBQ, pizza oven, and fireplace. Made from the highest quality firebrick, this grilling goliath will be the toast of the neighbourhood. While RotisserieBBQS have a number of products that burn up the competition, the Firebrick Outdoor Kitchen is the real king-maker.

The main event of the Firebrick Outdoor Kitchen is the large pizza oven, complete with a hood and chimney. It looks like a blacksmith’s factory, except that you’ll be feeding the family and friends instead of fashioning swords. The chimney directs the smoke away from the wood-fired oven, keeping your BBQ factory fresh.

You’ll get a pizza stone with the outdoor kitchen, letting you perfect that recipe you’ve been working on. Don’t forget that this isn’t just for pizza. The wood-fired oven is also a BBQ capable of cooking whole animals.

The firebricks which comprise the entirety of the outdoor kitchen’s surfaces help turn the burning wood into flavour-enhancing charcoal. The firebricks also prevent any overheating within the oven or on the structure.

Given this cooking castle uses wood as its fuel, the bottom portion of the outdoor kitchen is purpose-built for wood storage. Filling it up with wood will give your Firebrick Outdoor Kitchen a cabin vibe while keeping it fully stocked. Next to the oven, you’ll find a series of metal racks where you can hang and stack whatever you want to grill.

Just toss your meat on top of the racks and set the logs on fire underneath your meal. The firebricks can take the heat and the chimney above the racks will disperse the smoke.

You can even stretch a whole animal across the open fire using the Rotisserie Gear Drive. Making a spit roast is now just a matter of throwing the meat up onto your grill. With this gear drive, you can put up to 200 lbs, cooking a whole pig, a whole lamb, and two whole chickens simultaneously.

Whatever combination you chose, the Rotisserie Gear Drive can handle four spits at a time. The Sku#7009 motor will keep your meal for many roasting evenly, all the way through.

If that all sounds a bit complicated and you’re not sure where to start, RotisserieBBQS have you covered. They have video workshops on how to make a spit roast on their website, so you can go into your cookout like a pro.

Aside from the pizza oven and the BBQ, there’s the prep bench. This clear area of firebrick allows for serving, carving, chopping, and extra wood storage underneath. The aesthetic symmetry of the entire outdoor kitchen is really completed by the prep bench, which allows the master griller to have his space and eat too. Delivered in five separate pieces, anyone who can handle this type of grill can manage putting it together.

The Firebrick Outdoor Kitchen is no small customer. Measuring 14 ft 2 inches wide, 4 ft 8 inches deep, and 6 ft 10 inches high, this is a chef’s palace outdoors. Considering what you’d pay for an indoor kitchen, the price tag of $12,500 isn’t bad at all.

But if you wanted to go slightly smaller, RotisserieBbqs also offers the Corner Firebrick Outdoor Kitchen. The Corner kitchen is slightly smaller, measuring 8.5 ft by 8.5 ft and its price of $12,000 reflects its more compact stature. Both products weigh 6,400 lbs.

These outdoor kitchens come from a long tradition of custom manufacturing at RotisserieBBQS. Beginning three generations ago in metal fabrication across the marine and automotive sectors, the RotisserieBBQS team draws from a rich history. The team began making BBQs in 2006 and strive to deliver the very best for the BBQ connoisseur.

Headquartered in Scarborough, Toronto’s eastern-most region, this Canadian manufacturer is the epitome of the rustic rugged-ism of the Great White’s outdoors.

Moving this 6,400 lbs. cooking castle is no small feat, and that’s why RotisserieBBQS’ offer of free shipping is so impressive. Some people might be counting on the world allowing indoor gatherings sometime soon. But wiser folks know that now is the time to prepare for an outdoor future.

Outdoor cookouts aren’t only more fun, they’re safer too. Everything mentioned in this piece comes with either the Firebrick Outdoor Kitchen or the Corner Firebrick Outdoor Kitchen package.

Additionally, RotisserieBBQS also have a wide range of other high-quality pizza ovens, BBQs, rotisseries, and accessories. A number of those items are currently on sale. All of their products are available for curbside pickup.

They offer BBQ rentals for people looking to throw an occasional cookout but who don’t want to buy. You can find recipes galore for spit roasts right on the RotisserieBBQS’ site.

When you fire up the grill, turn on the oven or rack up the rotisserie, you want to make a meal your guests and family will savor. Apart from finding the best ingredients and the best cuts of meat, the most important factor is what you’re cooking with. Knowing you’ll never compromise is the peace of mind you’ll get from RotisserieBBQS. Make your place BBQ heaven and let everyone enjoy the bounty of your spoils.


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