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Unveiling Vanderpump Rules, Celebrity Chef Penny Davidi’s Fab Four Essentials for LA Living

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Chef Penny Davidi, the culinary maven from Vanderpump Rules, is not just about exquisite dishes; she’s also a trendsetter in style and taste.

Ever wondered about the must-haves this celebrity chef can’t live without when she steps into the LA scene? Brace yourselves for the lowdown on the four game-changing essentials that Chef Penny keeps within arm’s reach.

Elevation Elixir: Icelandic Glacial Water Bottle

In the whirlwind of LA’s vibrant lifestyle, staying hydrated is Chef Penny’s secret weapon, and her ride-or-die companion is the Icelandic Glacial Water. It’s not just water; it’s about that alkaline natural spring water goodness. Penny believes in maintaining the right pH balance for overall well-being. With the crisp and refreshing taste of Icelandic Glacial Water, she’s always geared up, ensuring she stays energized and ready from walking the red carpet to conquer whatever the day throws her way. 

Clean Chic: Hand Sanitizer, the City of Angels’ Sidekick

For someone as hands-on as Chef Penny, hygiene is a top-tier priority. Navigating the bustling city of Los Angeles, she’s armed with her trusty hand sanitizer. Whether she’s exploring local markets or shaking hands with fellow food enthusiasts, this germ-fighting essential keeps her hands squeaky clean and ready to whip up culinary magic at a moment’s notice.

Radiant Armor: LA’s Everyday Sunscreen Secret

Under the dazzling Los Angeles sun, protecting the skin is non-negotiable for Chef Penny. Sunscreen, far beyond beach days, is a daily essential. Whether she’s attending a food event or taking a leisurely stroll, Penny understands the significance of shielding her skin from those notorious UV rays. Her go-to sunscreen is her beauty secret, ensuring she maintains that radiant glow even under the California sun.

Culinary Key Card: Her Amex! 

In LA’s chaos, my Amex is my ultimate sidekick, turning every outing into a chance to discover something extraordinary. From chic boutiques to hidden gems, I’m always ready to elevate my experiences. “As a chef, my Amex fuels not just shopping but also my culinary escapades, unlocking a universe of flavors in local markets and top-notch dining spots.”

In the glamorous and fast-paced lifestyle of Chef Penny Davidi, these four essentials are her arsenal, keeping her ready for anything that the LA scene throws her way. Alkaline hydration, chic cleanliness, radiant sun protection, and the magic of her Amex – the perfect ingredients for a day in the fabulous life of this culinary sensation. 


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