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Young Entrepreneur and Social Media Influencer Alex Smetana Built a Network of 14 Million Followers on Instagram

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Getting 1,000 followers organically to be considered a nano influencer is hard enough, let alone creating a network of over 14 million followers. Yet, that’s precisely what viral influencer Alex Smetana did. Thanks to being in the Instagram game for several years now, he has been able to develop the skills, strategy, and experience necessary to succeed on the social media platform in a big way.

Today, this viral influencer is helping others achieve rapid and sustained growth as he has. The key, in Alex’s experience, is creating shareable content that hooks people instantly. He sees the immense power of memes and viral content to grow accounts, as well as themed pages to do the same. When it comes to following a growth strategy, Alex recommends looking at the most popular themed pages in a particular niche and seeing what they do. What are their captions like? What kind of image and video content are they sharing?

Reaching 14 million people is no easy feat, but Alex was able to make it happen. Banking on his success, he has established a social media marketing agency that helps others see explosive growth with their Instagram pages. Supporting the growth of the Instagram pages of brands and influencers is something Alex is very passionate about. He wants show people how to leverage the power of social media to drive their businesses and unlock greater success.

Since social media is all about making connections, you need to know how to cultivate those connections and make it appealing to do so. It can be a very challenging thing to accomplish, but it is something that pays off in the long-run. If Alex’s success is anything to go by, it demonstrates that a little bit of dedication, research, and passion go a long way toward using social media to drive business success.

Based out of Virginia, Alex Smetana has made quite a name for himself with his marketing and modeling agencies. At just 20 years old, he has accomplished quite a lot already. However, Alex is not at his peak just yet. He envisions scaling out his businesses and looking onward into starting even more ventures, based on the extensive knowledge and experience he has gained in marketing.

Understanding the nature of social media and what captivates the interests of people is what helps you achieve success on major platforms like Instagram. Viral trends and memes are popular because they relate to people on a level that is pretty universal. That’s what makes them so powerful as tools to drive growth. Alex has figured out how to identify when something is going to catch on enough to increase engagement rates.

Seeing success on social media doesn’t have to be difficult, and Alex can help make it easier. You can reach out to Alex if you want to launch your Instagram success by sending him a message via his personal Instagram page.


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