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Dr. Martin Jugenburg: Revolutionizing Hair Restoration

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Combining surgical precision with cutting-edge techniques and experience, Dr. Martin Jugenburg, a distinguished plastic and reconstructive surgeon, is reshaping the landscape of hair restoration solutions.

The transformative initiative at Dr. Jugenburg’s clinic, Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute (TCSI), in collaboration with Nova Medical Hair Transplant, underscores the good doctor’s commitment to providing innovative remedies to address the concerns of those dealing with hair loss.

Inside the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic Source: Nova Medical Toronto

At the heart of Dr. Jugenburg and Nova Hair’s vision is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure, a minimally invasive technique that has set new standards in the field of hair transplants. This method involves the precise extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor area, which are then seamlessly transplanted to the recipient area. Dr. Jugenburg and Nova Hair’s surgical finesse, coupled with the latest technology, ensures natural-looking results that harmonize seamlessly with existing hair.

The precision and effectiveness of the FUE procedure contribute to its recognition as a versatile solution suitable for various hair types and stages of hair loss. Beyond delivering permanent and natural-looking results, this method minimizes scarring and reduces recovery time compared to traditional approaches.

In conjunction with FUE, Dr. Jugenburg and Nova Hair emphasize a dedication to incorporating advanced procedures into hair restoration, such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. This innovative technique concentrates platelets from a small blood sample and strategically injects them into the scalp to stimulate hair follicle regeneration, providing non-surgical and minimally invasive benefits.

Dr. Jugenburg and Nova Hair’s approach extends beyond individual treatments, often combining FUE and PRP Therapy for synergistic results. This comprehensive strategy not only produces natural-looking outcomes but also accelerates the healing process, promoting enhanced hair health.

Patient Testimonial:

“I chose Dr. Martin Jugenburg to perform my hair transplant because of his surgical skills, advanced technology, vast experience, and natural-looking outcomes in male patients. Dr. Jugenburg made me feel very comfortable from the moment we met; he explained what to expect in great detail both before, during, and after the procedure, which was very reassuring. The actual procedure was relatively quick and pain-free. The medical team was kind and caring, making me feel safe and comfortable in their very private and luxurious facility. The entire hair transplant experience with Dr. Jugenburg went above and beyond my expectations. I can’t thank him and the Nova team enough for taking such good care of me.”  – Samuel M

Dr. Martin Jugenburg (AKA Dr. Six) is a world-renowned board-certified Toronto Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon and founder of The Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, located within the prestigious Fairmont Royal York Hotel, where he employs cutting-edge technologies and techniques in a luxurious state-of-the-art facility.

Renowned for his exceptional surgical skills, Dr. Jugenburg is a leading figure in the field, known for employing techniques that result in minimal scarring and upholding unparalleled patient care protocols. Approximately five percent of his plastic surgery practice caters to male patients, who seek to attain a healthy, refreshed, and more youthful appearance with a focus on achieving natural-looking results. Dr. Jugenburg and Nova Hair’s diverse clientele spans various backgrounds, ethnicities, and professions, including physicians, lawyers, police officers, and elite athletes. Notably, he served as the ringside surgeon for the UFC in Canada.

The Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, an additional venture by Dr. Jugenburg, extends beyond cosmetic surgery procedures to offer the newest and safest in hair transplants. Housed in a luxurious, modern facility, the institute reflects Dr. Jugenburg and Nova Hair’s commitment to excellence, ensuring patients experience not only effective treatments but also a comfortable and opulent environment with exceptional patient care.

Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic: Nova Medical Toronto Inside The Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute (TCSI)

Dr. Jugenburg and Nova Hair’s dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements in hair restoration is evident in his exploration of the newest techniques and treatments. Beyond FUE and PRP Therapy, they delve into combinations such as microneedling with Minoxidil, showcasing a commitment to providing the most comprehensive and effective outcomes to his clients.

For those seeking transformative and confidence-boosting hair restoration, Dr. Martin Jugenburg, alongside the TCSI and Nova Medical Hair Transplant, stands as a beacon of progressive approaches in Toronto. Explore the epitome of hair restoration at or learn more about Dr. Jugenburg and Nova Hair’s expertise at Take the first step towards rejuvenation with a surgeon whose vision and skill redefine the landscape of hair restoration.

10 Benefits of FUE AND PRP

1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure that uses individual follicular units to restore hair growth in areas affected by baldness or thinning hair.

2. FUE is less invasive than traditional hair transplant procedures, which means that it requires less downtime and there is less risk of complications.

3. FUE is a more precise hair transplant method as it targets specific follicles that need to be transplanted rather than a whole strip of scalp.

4. FUE results in a more natural-looking hairline, as the hair follicles are transplanted in a way that mimics the natural growth patterns of hair.

5. FUE can be used to transplant hair on any part of the scalp, including the front hairline, crown, and temples.

6. FUE hair transplants have a high success rate and can provide long-lasting results.

7. The recovery time for FUE is generally shorter than other hair transplant methods, and patients can typically resume their normal activities within a week.

8. FUE is a relatively painless procedure, and local anesthesia is used to numb the scalp during the transplant.

9. FUE does not leave a linear scar, which means that the patient can wear their hair short without any visible scarring.

10. FUE can be combined with other hair restoration treatments, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy or medications like finasteride and minoxidil, to enhance the results of the procedure.

Source: Nova Medical Toronto

5 things to know about FUE hair transplants

1. Women can get hair transplants, too.
2. You can achieve a natural looking results.
3. Hair transplants don’t need to leave big scars.
4. Hair transplants can also be used for an eyebrow replacement.
5. Beard transplants are also an option.


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