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5 Rules of Manscaping according to

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Body grooming is an essential step in looking attractive, and this is not just for women. Men have to look groomed too, and one of the ways to achieve this is by manscaping. Trimming hair in different parts of the body such as the face, back, legs, butt, and the pubic area can enhance your appearance and make you more attractive. However, to make this happen, there are a few rules of manscaping that you should know before picking the razor.

Here are the five top critical rules of manscaping according to

  1. You Don’t Choose Your Facial Hair

Every man has some facial hair (sideburns, goatees, or mustaches), different types of beards, or stubbles. Many men assume that they can determine the kind of facial hair to keep based on their preference. However, this is not true. You don’t choose your facial hair; your face shape does.

Hair can enhance your facial features or make you look less attractive. For example, sideburns are useful for people with sunken faces. On the other hand, those with chubby faces cannot pull off sideburns, and they are better off without them. Similarly, if your chin is a little chubby, you can give it shape by growing a goatee.

Note that not every type of facial hair will look good on you. Experiment with various styles and find ones that complement your features. If you are not sure, ask your friends, and they will tell you whether you look good in medium stubble, sideburns, or the soul patch.

  1. Save Some Hair

Shaving and trimming can help prevent moisture retention and improve your hygiene. However, not everything needs to be trimmed or shaved. For example, keeping your chest hair is okay, and the hair can even make you look masculine. If you have to, trim it once in a while but don’t get rid of it all. The same applies to your pubic area. Save some stubble down there – don’t leave it smooth like that of a newborn.

However, hair in certain places is not always attractive. A few examples include hair at the back and butt. Too much hair on your back or butt can make you extremely sweaty. Therefore, trim or shave it regularly to maintain body hygiene.


  1. Choose Electric over Manual Razors

  • Shaves faster than a manual blade
  • Reduces the risk of cuts, nicks, and ingrown hair
  • Saves money in the long run as you don’t have to replace often
  • You get control over the shaving process

Invest in a quality electric razor for these and other benefits. You can check out the new discount code for great deals on manscaping tools such as electric razors, trimmers, and even travel shavers.

  1. When in Doubt, Trim

Shaving hair on other parts of the body except the face is not every man’s cup of tea. To some, the process is exhausting and not worth it. Others are not sure whether they should shave and which parts require proper grooming. If you are one of them, you can still maintain hygiene and look good by trimming.

Trimming cuts the hair short without getting rid of it. You don’t have to worry about pre-shaving preparations, infections, ingrown hairs, or hygiene. There are quality trimmers in the market that will cut everything down to a short stubble.

  1. Shave in the Shower

Hair can be challenging to shave when rough and dry. Unfortunately, that’s what you will be in for if you shave before taking a shower. You increase the risk of cuts, infection, and irritation by shaving dry hair. Avoid these problems by shaving in the shower. The water moistens and softens the hair, allowing the trimmer or shave to slide over it gently. This process speeds the shaving process, reduces the risk of cuts, and protects you from infections.

Manscaping is a critical step in the grooming process, and every man needs to know when to shave and trim, and which parts of his body require regular shaving. Observe these rules and invest in quality tools, and you will be a step closer to becoming a manscaping expert.



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