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Best Fade Haircuts for Men

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Fades are some of the most popular haircuts for men, boys, and teens. As is the case with most short sides, long top hairstyles, fades can be combined with various other styles to add a fresh, clean-cut look that focuses the eyes on the hairstyle above.

So what is a taper fade haircut? A taper fade is a barbershop cut that gradually gets shorter and shorter down the sides and back. There are several different types of fade haircuts, and each allows guys to customize their cut. For instance, you can decide where the fading and blending begins, as well as how short the hair will get.

Below are the best fade haircuts for men to ask their barber for this year. These fades look good regardless of hair type, length, or face shape!

Low Fade

A low fade is one of the easiest haircuts to get and maintain. It is an incredibly versatile cut and can be paired with all the trendy men’s hairstyles of today. The low cut keeps the back and sides short and clean, but because it is typically tapered, it does not expose much of the skin underneath.

Starting just above the ears and curving around the hairline down to the neck, the low fade is common amongst guys who want to keep a clean, professional look. For little boys and teens who don’t want to expose too much scalp, low fades offer a balance between stylish and conservative.

Using good cordless hair clippers for professionals, a skilled barber can take a low fade haircut to the next level by adding bold features like a line up or hair design. Similarly, the low skin fade can offer a daring cut that pairs nicely with various rugged styles such as the faux hawk, pompadour, or quiff.

High Fade

Whereas a low fade starts at about ear-level, a high fade starts near the temples or even the corner of the forehead and gradually gets shorter the lower it goes. For men who prefer a bald fade, the high taper maximizes contrast for a very edgy finish. Ultimately, a high fade tends to draw more attention than a low fade, so this is an important consideration for business professionals who need to dress well.

When paired with a modern cut like a comb over or spiky hair, the high fade makes the hair on top seem more voluminous. For this reason, men who prefer bad boy looks (including the faux hawk or mohawk) will often pair them with high fades to help offset the height and volume. For short haircuts, the crop top and buzz cut also look best with a high fade.

Skin Fade

A skin fade is the shortest fade haircut you can ask your barber for. Rather than gradually cutting hair shorter but leaving some length at the end, a barber will instead blend the hair down to the skin and expose your scalp. The higher the point at which the barber transitions to skin, the more badass the cut will look.

The skin fade can be combined with a high, mid or low taper fade haircut depending on your style and preferences. For the summer, you may prefer a high skin fade and, for the winter months, a classic taper.

If you are considering spiky hair or even messy texture with some height, a skin fade can help draw attention upward and highlight the styling on top. Maintaining a skin fade does require regular visits to the barber every few weeks, so be sure that you can manage the upkeep.

Undercut Fade

A classic undercut involves hair longer on top short on sides and back and hair that is all one length underneath – on the sides and back.

However, the undercut fade combines the best parts of both the undercut and fade into one amazing haircut. In recent years, the undercut fade haircut has become one of the most requested cuts in barbershops all around the world because of its awesome versatility.

Men might opt for a skin fade undercut with several inches of length and height on top if they want a bold, high-contrast style. Other guys may choose to have a symbol or design etched into the hair on the side of the head. The undercut fade works well for medium to longer hairstyles, including the comb over, slick back, pompadour, brush up, etc.

These styles look best with good volume and flow, so makes sure to use a moderate to light hold cream, pomade, or wax for a textured finish. To keep the style in place all day long, blow dry after styling.

Drop Fade

A drop fade is a very specific kind of fade. Rather than tapering the hair at the exact same level all the way around the head, the barber will instead drop the fade down the neck, resulting in a neat curved fade cut. Drop fades provide a unique and distinct finish, making a traditional fade tailored to fit you.

They are ideal for men who have thicker hair and who want a longer-on-top style. The drop fade works incredibly well with a blowout, slick back, Afro, mohawk, or high top. For a handsome hairstyle, consider a high drop fade with a textured brush back. Apply a matte pomade for that natural, healthy look.

Temple Fade

A temple fade goes by many names, including the Brooklyn fade. It is a variation of a high fade in which the hair tapers from the temples to the nape of the neck very gradually. Most temp fade haircuts are paired with a shape up or line up for a fresh look.

While the temp fade is generally a black men’s haircut, it does look fashionable with numerous styles. Guys with thick wavy or curly hair are prime candidates for the cut. The Afro fade, South of France, and mohawk fade hairstyles are great options. This haircut also provides barbers who are especially skilled in etching hair designs with the perfect canvas to create some beautiful works of art.

Burst Fade

The burst fade is the most modern of all the fade haircuts, and over the last few years, it has become the cut of choice for young black men. Rather than starting the fade at a uniform level around the head, the burst fade curves around the ear and down to the neck.

The burst fade mohawk is the most common version of the cut. Less intense than a traditional mohawk, the burst fade offers a refine yet outgoing style. Moreover, guys can always change up their look and style a number of other hairstyles. From the faux hawk to the blowout, comb over, and pompadour, burst fade haircuts are flexible and cool.


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