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Lumin Skin Care Products – Premium care for a premium man

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Have you suffered from acne? Longing for control over your oily skin? Want to have fuller, healthier hair? Lumin Skin Care products are premium care for a premium man.

The Lumin Skincare line, designed specifically for men, has you covered from hair-to-toe. Everything you need for the complexion you’ve always wanted in one place. It can’t get any more manly than that. 

Lumin Skin Care Products are a line of essential skin and hair products for men. Curated by experts, Lumin’s Skincare products include an Age Management skincare collection and a Classic Maintenance skincare collection. For hair, Lumin’s products include Keratin Recovery shampoos and conditioners and unique scalp repairing formula.


If you worry about wrinkles, dark circles, or dry skin Lumin has products designed specifically for you. If you worry about oily or dry skin or need a product for both, Lumin has a collection for you. Lastly, if your hair is losing strength and fullness, Lumin has the perfect products for you! 

Lumin Skin Care products are unique because of its quality ingredients. The No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleaner safely and effectively removes excess oil from your skin without drying it. Its’ secret is the active Charcoal, which doesn’t upset your natural pH balance while removing daily grime, pollution and dirt that builds up daily on your skin. The No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser cleans pores and smooths skin for an effortlessly fresh look.

Championing Lumin’s hair care line is the ingredient is Keratin. Keratin is an essential structural protein in your hair already. As hair becomes damaged, Lumin’s Keratin Recovery shampoo works to strengthen follicles, which become depleted in this crucial nutrition. It boosts hair growth and nourishes the scalp to ensure every strand has a solid foundation. These products are made to give your hair a fighting chance. Find confidence in other ageing-related products, including wrinkle fighters, dark circle removers, pore clearers and eye soothers. 

Lumin products are available individually and in sets on their website. For those who don’t want to put too much thought into our skincare routine Lumin also has a subscription box package for $50 every two months, so you never have to run out. The Lumin Skin Care website is a handsome platform with a wealth of easily digestible information on how to use your new products.

Complete sets also make perfect gift ideas for friends and family. The packaged product’s sleek and cool design is something you can be proud to display your bathroom. 

Lumin Products have great customer reviews and excellent customer service. Pricing for individual products ranges from $10-$20 while sets of 3 products come in at $48, and the 5 piece Complete Set sells for $79.20.

The hair care line boasts the best prices from $8.00- $12.00, ensuring your hair is always looking its best. This complete hair and skincare line are what you need to look and feel Swagalicious. 

Lumin Skin Care is the top choice to cleanse, hydrate and repair your skin. No longer just for women, Lumin Skin Care products can keep you on top of your game while producing impressive and lasting results.

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