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Manscaping: How to Shave your Balls

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Okay – this article is going to blow your mind in a way that will truly revolutionize the way that you think about your hygiene as well as make you feel a bit more confident about shaving in our most precious and delicate area (I know. That was a mouthful).

So in this article, we have taken the liberty to compile a list of steps that you must follow to shave your balls correctly. There is nothing worse than shaving and cutting a vein or shaving and then having to deal with that nightmarish itch.

That itch that makes you want to rip your balls off because of how excruciating it is. So in this article, we have taken the liberty to outline the steps you will need in manscaping, and teach you how to shave your balls.

So if you plan on learning how to manscape (i.e., shave your balls), this is the article for you.

If you are planning on skipping this and just keeping your man parts looking like a jungle, then we only have one thing to say…





Manscaping: How To Shave Your Balls


# 1 – Don’t Multitask



Before you go straight into trimming and shaving make sure that you have all the items and types of equipment ready. Understand what each tool is there for and use them appropriately. You want to start out by trimming first and before you trim you want to make sure that your items such as your scissors are clean and sterilized.

In the groin area resides bacteria and these bacteria have the nasty ability to be able to spread to others parts of the body by transportation such as scissors. So make sure that after you ahem used the trimmer scissors that you have clean them thoroughly.


# 2 –  Lay The Groundwork



Now, taking an unguarded sharp razor to your nether regions is always going to be risky. The loose bumpy texture of scrotum skin could easily get cut – not cool. Using an electric trimmer to remove the bulk of hair is fine, but when it comes to removing hair down to skin level for a smooth finish requires great care. Of course, a trusted disposable razor and shaving cream will “get the job done” – but think about using a good body groomer for the final shave, as this type of tool provides a close shave with added protection, so you nuts remain nick free.


# 3 – Get Wet – and Hot (Hey We’re Talking About A Shower You Weirdoes)



Okay, guys. Listen before you take this to the next step of something else (you know what we’re talking about). If you shave your pubes when they are dry, that is a horrible idea. Instead, shave after you have taken a hot shower. This will cause less friction while you are shaving or trimming.

Warm water allows the skin to loosen and help remove dirt and oil. You should be using shaving gel when you are about to shave and not ordinary shower soap. That won’t cut it, and in fact, it may cause a rash or irritation.


# 4 – Shave The Right Way



Much like when shaving your beard or your hair you want to go along the oath where the hair is leading. Never shave against the direction of where your hair is growing because you can cut yourself very severely and cut beneath the skin.

As mentioned before the groin is home to millions of bacteria and cutting to deep can cause an infection in that area.


# 5 – Be Extra Cautious On Your Balls



To piggyback off form the asks entry – and this may be a no-brainer – but you want to be very cautious and very smooth when shaving your balls. Aside from just getting an infection if you cut too thick and too fast you could cut a vein or artery that will disable you from specific activities; getting it up or producing soldiers.

When shaving you might want to stand over a mirror to get the tricky spots and areas that you can’t see from your perspective and angle.


# 6 – Make Sure To Clean Up Any Cuts



If you happen to cut yourself, then you should immediately clean that cut. In specific incidents failure to attend to a cut right away has caused some men to got to the emergency room.

So brothers, for real for real, be very careful when you shave your buddies.


# 7 – Moisturize Your Balls (And That’s All)



Lastly…Lastly…LASTLY and this is so important get a good aftershave moisturizer. If you dont have one pick one up from our friends at Fendrihan Failure to properly moisturize your goodies will cause severe itching sensation that will drive you mad (I am saying this from personal experience).

That painful itch that you will feel if you don’ t moisturize propels will drive you, and this itch is a result of your balls being a sensitive area and the way that the hair follicles grow also add to this reason; your itch.

However, if you moisturize correctly, you will be able to reduce this itching. You want to find a moisturizer that is high in aloe and camphor. If you are still unsure about which moisturizer you should be using, then we highly recommend that you speak with a dermatologist who will be able to prescribe you the proper moisturizer.

For real that itch bros; that itch will drive you insane if you don’t take care of it properly.


The Art Of Manscaping

So now that you have learned everything you need to know about manscaping go out and practice and remember to practice slow and soft. The worse thing you want is to cut a vein or to cut too thick and have bacteria get into that new wound.

This is an art form so it will take some time to develop the skills to do it right, but we cannot stress, hell I cannot stress, enough the last tip; moisturize. Make sure that you ahem the right moisturizer because you will become a “Hulk” and in all the wrong ways if you don’t moisturize correctly.

Practice makes perfect and the more you do it, the easier it will become later on in the future. One step at a time and remember to have all your tools, and equipment clean and sterilized before trimming the hedges.

The better you follow these steps, the quicker and the more comfortable you will be to having smooth, clean and hygienic balls; and there is nothing wrong with that.



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