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Sailun Tires

It turns out 2 pages regulate a $60 billion industry. In the U.S., there’s a lot about the skin care industry that we barely regulate at all. The FDA bans approximately 20 ingredients—the E.U. bans more than 1,300. Here at Oars + Alps, we ban over 1,800 ingredients. After all, what good is a skincare routine that hurts instead of helps? We believe that powerful, clean ingredients yield powerful results.

Oars + Alps was founded by two women, Laura Cox and Mia Duchnowski, whose husbands were having trouble finding high quality, clean skincare and were using their wives’ skincare instead. They set out to create an easy-to-use, better-for-you skincare line for their active, on-the-go husbands that was simple yet effective. 

We believe your skincare routine should be easy to follow and work with you and your busy schedules.


Start your day with our Exfoliating Charcoal Solid Face Wash. Spill-proof, TSA-friendly, and fun to use, this face wash gently draws out impurities and dissolves deep-down dirt, helping keep breakouts at bay. 

Our best-selling Face + Eye Cream comes next, locking in your skin’s moisture with ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

Look like you got 8 hours of sleep with our fan favorite Wake Up Eye Stick. The perfect anytime pick-me-up decreases puffiness, cools your undereyes, and repairs tired-looking skin.

Elevate your skincare routine at



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