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What Haircut to get for Men with Thinning or Balding Hair?

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Realizing that you are having thinning hairline day after day and your hairline is moving back is no less than a nightmare.

If your hair is becoming less dense and you are unable to make hairstyles the way you want to because of thinning and balding, it can be quite depressing. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for people having thin hair to manage their hairstyle and look good.

As your hair recedes or becomes thin, you can try some of the following hairstyle tips and recommendations we have gathered for you that would make you look good and you can avoid going from near-balding to bald. When you deal with hair loss, it’s very important to know that every hairstyle is not for everyone.

Some of the cuts can make your hair loss obvious and can emphasize your baldness; whereas some hairstyles have the ability to make hair loss look less obvious. Following are some of the best ways to style hair for men who have thinning hair:

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut is an easy-to-carry and even easier-to-style haircut. It is an ideal option for thinning hair. When you have short hair, your skin becomes more visible and if hair are short, thin patches on the scalp cannot stand out as much as they do with long hair. It is a good way to cover the fading hairline as it makes your complete hairline less prominent by diminishing the contrast level between the forehead and hair.

Crew Cut

The military style crew-cut gives the perfect option to make the receding hairline less prominent; this is because it diminishes the contrast level between sides and temples of your head due to short and thin sides creating the illusion of a smooth hairline. If you prefer long hair on the top, you can switch the military crew cut with a classical tight-and-high haircut.

The Mop Top

If you prefer having long hair, then keeping them messy would distract the observer and your hair will look healthy. Next time you go to a hair salon such as Great Clips, you can ask your stylist to give you a haircut that’s short on the sides and long at the top with so many layers. You can also blow dry your hair to give them volume and use a small amount of hair gel that would tousle your hair and define the layers.

Slick back with style

The slick back look is another styling option for men having thin hair preferring more length; it works great for men who have a thin crown. Your barber can give you a cut that is short and tight from the sides of your head above the ears and long at the top. You can style such look by blow drying the roots to lift your hair and comb backwards.

Spiked and short haircut

The perfect haircut for thinning hair is getting spiked and short hair. You can make your thinning hair less obvious after adding the body and texture at the top. You can brush your hair upwards and away from the forehead and hold them there with styling products such as pomade or hair wax. You can go for a haircut at the top which gives an edgy and spiky look, it will create a space between the looks so the attention will directly go there where your hair has more spikes. This is the best way to get a casual yet cool and spiky short haircut which will make your hair look healthy.

Side-parted Messy cut

Some people have fast hair growth, their hair grows long within a short span of time. Such people having thinning hair can have a side-partitioned messy haircut, perfectly suitable for them.

This is a simple style with medium length and deep side partition is additionally complemented by the frontal section and side burn. The frontal hair is swept away from the face, which gives them volume with a high-quality wax or clay. This will make you feel and look younger.

The militant classic short and high is amazing for men who have thin hair. It makes the sides of hair super-short and leaves just a little length at the central top while giving you enough hair to play with and at the same time giving the impression of having more hair on your head.

If your hair has started to thin backwards then you have to keep the area for crown short, so that it will be tight on the area where you have less hair. If you have thin hair at the front, then it becomes even more important for you to give a messy look so make sure that your hair stylist adds the texture throughout the haircut.

No matter what style you choose for your haircut; the most important thing is to stay confident with this look and embrace the new look you have. Hair loss is part of every man’s life and you will be ahead of all the men with balding or thinning hair if you do your best to take proper care of your hair and style them.



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